Sustainable packaging

The latest trend in most industries across the world is to place the utmost importance on providing goods and services through sustainable manufacturing. Be it product creation, product transport, or product packaging, the need for sustainable solutions has changed the way companies approach these processes. 

Single-use plastic has placed a heavy burden on the environment. The question of the safe disposal of existing packaging materials cannot be solved so easily and so quickly. It’s why several companies are now looking to find a sustainable packaging solution they can easily implement.  

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Green processes from start to finish

Customers across the world are demanding more and more accountability from businesses when it comes to their carbon footprint. This means ensuring a push towards green practices from the acquisition of raw materials to the finished product. Reputable businesses have to ensure that they partner with other businesses where sustainability is a major concern. This is why Davik is the perfect partner for you. 

The solutions offered by Davik are manufactured through the usage of environmentally friendly processes. Davik has transformed its manufacturing process to the point that the company has practically zero-carbon footprint during production. One way that Davik has achieved this milestone is through utilizing solar power for all operations.


Sustainable packaging

The need for sustainable products

Sustainable processes weren’t a focal point for companies even a decade ago. However, with more conscious customers and increasing rules and regulations based on environmental concerns, it has become a major focus for many organizations. 

 Water-based adhesives reduce the overall environmental impact of the solvents, and also their usage improves the health and safety standards throughout the product’s lifecycle. This is why Davik’s newest plant uses the technology of acrylic water-based adhesives and many of our newly developed products are produced on this site.

Davik: Your Green Partner 

During the last years, Davik became the go-to partner for many organizations because of its commitment to sustainability. At Davik, a pivotal focus is placed on transforming an abstract concept of sustainable development into a tangible reality for green organizations across the world. Davik does that through the development of new products, acting in two categories:

  • Products that reduce the usage of plastic used for the final consumer packaged product
  • Production of some new products by acrylic water-based technology and this way – introducing the world with healthier products for people and for the environment.

Davik is committed to working on sustainable development and is resolved to fulfill its corporate responsibility towards the environment, its customers, and society as a whole. By focusing on developing new innovative products and creating better and greener alternatives, Davik has continued to push the envelope of sustainable practices. 

The following are some of Davik’s newly developed sustainable solutions. 

  • GreenCarry handles: Davik, who developed the classic carry handle more than 20 years ago, has created a 100% plastic-free alternative. GreenCarry handle is a paper-based packaging solution that delivers the same kind of performance as a regular carry handle tape. The solution can easily be implemented in your existing setup of automatic applicators and can even be customized as per your needs. 
  • Catchy: By now it’s clear that pesticides are a double-edged sword. Sure, they get rid of insects and pests, but not only are the chemicals harmful to the environment but they cause adverse health effects to consumers as well. It’s why Davik’s Catchy has become a game-changer for greenhouse farming. This thick sheet of adhesive can easily be installed on your farm and can drastically reduce the use of harmful chemicals. 
  • Xerobon: The latest bonding solution by Davik that offers the same performance with practically zero carbon footprint and Zero VOC emission. Xerobon is the revolutionary green alternative replacing seams and rubber strips in textile production. This UV-resistant bonding solution provides incredible bonding strength with no compromise on flexibility and comfort. Xerobon is also designed to withstand high temperatures, has excellent washing stability, and is stretchable. 

Key Takeaway

Davik has been at the forefront of sustainable development. Through innovating sustainable packaging materials while also practicing green production, Davik has managed to become a brilliant case study of successful sustainable manufacturing. It offers several unique products that can significantly contribute to transforming its partner’s operations.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, experience, and research, Davik can help deliver an efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solution that fits all your requirements. Get a front seat to the sustainable future that Davik is building. 


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advanced adhesive solutions

From agriculture to the retail sector, advanced adhesive solutions have a role to play in all industries. Today, many businesses rely on adhesives to enhance their consumer experience or reduce their environmental footprint. If you are looking for a reliable adhesive partner for your business then there is no better choice than Davik.

Not only can Davik address your needs through a plethora of various products, but it also offers customizable solutions that are uniquely designed to address your needs. Davik’s a premium adhesive solution provider which is recognized globally for its innovation, in-house R&D, and unparalleled expertise.

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What makes Davik different? 

For any business, selecting a primary supplier of adhesive solutions is a crucial step with far-reaching effects. You don’t want a complacent and reactive supplier who offers you solutions only after they become the industrial norm. 

Since its inception, Davik has been focused on doing things differently and solving your problems through focusing on R&D. Strong R&D has been a backbone of Davik as it has allowed the business to innovate and produce remarkable results. 

Davik was one of the first suppliers to introduce the carry handle tapes globally more than 20 years ago, which are commonly used now for packaging items in various industries, and for the last year Davik is the first to come with sustainable carry handle solutions, like paper-based option Similarly, Davik’s R&D department has been able to deliver unparalleled services and advanced adhesive solutions because of its expertise and decades of experience, for various industries and for various usages.

Guy Wind, Davik’s R&D Director, perfectly explains how R&D helps Davik’s customers find the best solutions: 

“If you need an adhesion solution related to adhesive tape, we are what you are looking for. Our development team is experienced in unique solutions for customers and bringing an original product that will meet their requirements.”

advanced adhesive solutions

The 6 steps to success: How Davik’s R&D team finds the best solutions

Davik’s intuitive operations are deeply connected to its tradition of offering a customer-centric approach. By utilizing their in-house R&D team, Davik can craft several new and unique adhesive solutions for their customers that are effective, economical, and sustainable. 

Davik R&D process strictly follows 6 simple but essential steps to create a customizable solution for you. 

1 – Recognizing what the customer needs

By focusing on your demands only, Davik can either minimize or eliminate the usual risks associated with advanced adhesive solutions. Customer demand is dissected to determine what exactly they need, what is the application, how and why the product is intended to be used, special requirements for tape performance and more.

2 – Exploring the possible solutions

Davik’s R&D setup is one of the main factors behind its success. The in-house team consists of several experts from different fields. This includes chemists, engineers and product developers who analyze what you need and determine the most appropriate solutions.

3 – Evaluating the options

Each possible option is evaluated through multiple tests to ensure that it meets your expectations. This reliability and continuous quality checks have allowed Davik to guarantee customer satisfaction and maintain its competitive edge since the beginning. 

4 – Running the sample

Davik believes that without incorporating how a developed product reacts in real life, the solution offered is incomplete. It’s why the customer is given a sample to run in the practical situation to determine whether the product fits the established requirements.

5 – Receiving customer feedback

Davik maintains close contact with the customer throughout the deployment process. Your feedback is a fundamental part of our research process. Every feedback whether good or bad is received, analyzed, and evaluated.  

6 – Incorporating amendments 

If the received feedback contains possible flaws, performance issues, or blind spots identified in real life, it is evaluated. The solution undergoes extensive adjustments until the issue is addressed and resolved. 

Some famous advanced adhesive solutions Davik offers today

Davik continues to innovate and design new solutions to stay ahead of the curve. Here are some of the most recent specialized solutions Davik has introduced after extensive research:

  • Catchy: A chemical-free pest-control system. It’s an effective choice for farmers selling organic produce and for minimizing the use of chemical products.
  • UNDO: A whiteboard sticker, which is perfect for usage anywhere. It is PVC free, convenient and safe for usage either at home or in office spaces.
  • Splicing Tape: An ideal solution for automated systems. The splicing tape can be detected by metal detectors and has been a gamechanger for plant operations of non-woven factories. 
  • Multipack bundle tape: The multi-pack bundle tape allows you to efficiently create promotional messages, discounts bundles, and other limited-time offers. There are several options for such tape for different applications.
  • Classic carry handle tape: Davik was the first to introduce carry handle tape in the industry. It is a unique and versatile product with numerous industrial applications and benefits. 
  • The green carry handle: The sustainable and 100% plastic-free version of the carry handle tape has the same capability to sustain weights. 

Davik: Your perfect adhesive partner

Davik is an ideal partner for any business needing advanced adhesive solutions for their application. The expert team at Davik has been in the industry for a long time and can assist you in fine-tuning your existing processes.

Start experiencing the perfect blend of knowhow and innovation spirit. Connect with a Davik expert today to get started!


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raw materials shortage

Increased demand, limited supplies, and disturbed supply chains have created a raw material shortage across many industries. If you don’t have a secondary carry handle supplier, it’s time to look for one. Doing so will ensure the continuous inflow of the necessary raw material you need for your packaging. 

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Why is there a raw materials shortage?

The pandemic last year had far-reaching effects on the global economy. Many sectors were affected globally and businesses were either forced to wind up operations or limit production to reduce their overall costs and survive the new reality. Slowly but surely, the world is now coming back to normal because of the ongoing vaccination drives and other precautions. 

China by far had the fastest economic recovery with most of its businesses back on track and production back to full capacity. The increased demand, coupled with lower raw material production in other countries has created a disparity and a raw material shortage in many industrial sectors. 

That’s not all! Global supply chain systems have also been disturbed by the pandemic with so many travel restrictions and regulations still being enforced to prevent any new wave. All these factors combined with inflation have created availability issues and increased the overall prices. In such a situation, it’s no longer wise for any business to depend solely on a single supplier.

raw materials shortage

The importance of consistency for consumer brands

All businesses, especially consumer brands need consistency and timely availability of the necessary materials due to the intense competition in the market. Your customers won’t wait for your supply at their nearest departmental store. Your product being unavailable when required will only benefit your competitors and getting that market share back would be a challenge.

For any manufacturing environment, decision-makers are responsible for ensuring a continuous and streamlined process under all circumstances. Even if we ignore the market competition, it still doesn’t make business sense. Any production environment comes with countless overheads and production as planned is integral to maintain the profit levels. 

The requirement to maintain consistency is one of the major reasons why businesses prepare contingency plans for all worst-case scenarios, such as a raw materials shortage. Most businesses rely on third-party vendors for raw material supplies, and it’s never smart to rely solely on a single supplier. Anything can go wrong. You must always have a reliable secondary partner to ensure consistent production. Davik can be that partner for your business. 

Davik: The perfect partner for all your packaging needs

Whether Davik is your primary carry handle supplier or a secondary one, you are always certain to receive the best quality material at the promised time. Davik has been part of the industry for more than three decades and with that experience comes the confidence to effectively deal with any production issues or supply chain disturbance. Davik is ready to deal with a raw material shortage or any other similar problems – now and in the future. 

The assurance of timely delivery is not the only thing Davik guarantees. Davik has a foolproof quality control system and has a history of always exceeding expectations with the overall quality and capabilities of its products. That’s not all, Davik has also been a global leader in the innovative packaging industry and was the first business to introduce the carry handle tape in the market. Today, the business continues to innovate its product line by adding multiple sustainable options that can reduce the environmental footprint of your brand.

Interested in learning how Davik can work with your brand to ensure consistent and timely supply of the carry handle and other packaging supplies? Connect with a Davik packaging expert today to get started. 



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beverage packaging

The food & beverage industry is among the hardest sectors to survive and thrive in. The market has immense potential, but so many players, intense competition, and the rising consumer expectations leave little to no room for any mistake. 

Your product might taste great, but that’s not the only thing that counts. You need to focus on several other elements if you want your product to succeed in the market. After the taste and price, the beverage packaging is the most important factor that can elevate your brand.  


Factors that affect packaging decisions for a beverage brand

For the beverage industry, there is no such thing as an ideal packaging material. Starting from the type of drink to its shelf life, everything plays an important role in determining the right packaging choice for your product. Some of the most important factors that may affect your packaging decisions are:

  • Download carry handle guideThe drink itself: The chemical composition of different beverages makes some packaging materials unsuitable. 
  • Shelf life: For drinks that need to be refrigerated over a long time, the packaging requirements will be very different from drinks that can remain on the regular aisle for a long time.
  • Transportation requirements: This is not well-known but your packaging choice depends on your distribution network and production location. Glass bottles for example are quite heavy. For longer distances, using plastic bottles would be more cost-effective and convenient. 
  • Consumer preferences: Sometimes you have to ignore the technical parameters and go for the things your consumers prefer. Glass bottles used for milk are a perfect example of this. 

beverage packaging

What do the consumers demand? 

Modern consumers have certain demands from their beverage of choice. A lot of things that were considered optional for brands are now a necessity. Davik has been part of the packaging industry for more than 3 decades and can help your business stay on top with the most innovative packaging solutions

Here are the 5 beverage packaging elements that modern consumers expect and how Davik can help you meet them. 

1 – Convenience

The most decisive factor that influences the packaging decision of your consumer is the overall convenience. Today, people will go for items that are simple to carry and store. This is especially the case with awkward and heavy products that can potentially drop. 

Davik was the first packaging company to come up with the idea of a carry handle tape. An ideal add-on that makes any package convenient for your consumers.    

2 – Aesthetics

In today’s market, you only have a few seconds to make an impression on the consumers. Many customer segments get attracted to certain colors or relate to a brand’s story. All of Davik’s packaging solutions like the carry handles and bundle tapes allow you to customize the design and add your authentic branding voice to the package. 

3 – Sustainability

Modern customers are looking to reduce their ecological footprint by limiting the use of plastic bags and opting for brands that adopt sustainable practices. Davik’s carry handle eliminates the need for plastic bags and offers 100% plastic-free options. 

4 – Simplicity

Modern consumers appreciate simplistic and ready-to-go packaging rather than something intricate. Some brands make the mistake of coming with something too unique and intricate to stand out from the crowd. This is a counter-intuitive approach as having a drink shouldn’t require you to solve a puzzle. 

5 – Bundles

No matter the industry, consumers love a bargain. They’ll respond positively to different combos, bundle offers, and other larger packs. Davik offers multiple options like its banderole tape and the carry handle to facilitate their packaging decisions. You can run special promotions on certain holidays, and special occasions without spending too much on your packaging. 

Key takeaways

Creating different bundles and packages for beverages is an extremely important process for any brand. Davik is the perfect packaging partner that has worked with several beverage brands globally and continues to introduce new and innovative solutions that are economical, sustainable, and convenient. To know more about how Davik can help you enhance your beverage packaging and keep your business on the top. 


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adhesive tape manufacturing process

Always wondered what the carry handle adhesive tape manufacturing process looks like? It’s a fascinating process that we’d like to share with you.

You can learn all about the key steps of the manufacturing process below in the infographic:

adhesive tape manufacturing process


Davik, located in Kibbutz Sde Boker, is one of the first companies that developed and produced carry handle tape and has been doing so for more than 20 years ago. We continue to place a strong emphasis on R&D and on creating sustainable solutions, that will serve our customers worldwide.

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The Carry Handle is a remarkable addition, as it’s not limited to any particular industry or application. Specially developed by the company’s R&D department – it has an adhesive formula that allows it to suit all the common packaging materials. It’s convenience and adaptability are major factors behind its popularity.


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home office design ideas

Even with Covid related restrictions lifting throughout the world and things starting to get normal, many professionals find working from home as the new norm. Some companies are adopting a hybrid work structure to give their employees a choice while some have completely shifted to a remote model. 

With working from home becoming a sort of permanent arrangement for the near future, it’s time for you to create a functional workspace in your home if you haven’t already created one. Staying in bed with your laptop might work as a temporary measure, but you need a clutter-free workspace to get everything sorted and maintain your productivity. here are a few home office design ideas.

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Primary requirements from a home-office

No matter what kind of work you do, you’ll need your home office design ideas to have some characteristics that can stimulate creativity and help you focus on your tasks. It’s better to choose an area that is quiet and free from any disturbances. Natural light from the nearby window and a light breeze can also have a great effect on your motivation and performance. 

Some other characteristics you should strive to have in your workspace are: 

  • Comfort: The right furniture and place are extremely important for your productivity. Choose a good chair and keep your computer at an appropriate height for the best performance.  
  • Style and Aesthetic look: Remote working means that you’ll often have to communicate on video calls with clients, colleagues, and management. Add color to your workspace by having a bookshelf, a plant, or some art in the background. It will look impressive and also make you feel good about working.  
  • Practicality: Make sure that everything you need is within your arm’s reach. Standing up frequently to get important documents, files, stationery, or a printout can hinder your productivity and divide your focus.
  • Organization: Staying updated with different tasks and deadlines is harder when you are working from home. Removable whiteboard stickers can help you remember the most important things and stay on track. Simply write down the deadlines and make important notes to always stay on top of things.

home office design ideas

3 home office design ideas for small homes

Don’t have a free room to turn into an office? Don’t worry, you can create a great workplace even with very limited space. Let’s take a look at some unused areas that you can turn into a workstation.

1 – Under the Staircase

The area under the staircase is usually unused and can be a perfect workstation after some work. Depending on how much space you have, you can add a bookshelf and other elements in your home office as well. 

The area under the staircase is usually not too solitary, so you’ll be available for your family members for a quick chat or an update as well. You can also decorate things that are both aesthetic and functional. 

2 – An empty corner in your room

Just like under the staircases, corners are some of the most unutilized spaces in any room. If you want to keep things together in your own room, they can be an excellent space to set up a small home office. The best thing about corners is that you can access two walls. 

You can decorate one side with motivational quotes and other items and use a whiteboard sticker on the other. They can be a great help if you want to illustrate something quickly during a video call or presentation. You can also create a schedule, make important notes, and create a to-do list for yourself. Whiteboard stickers are versatile and have numerous benefits. 

3 – The Attic

Perhaps the best place for your home office is the attic. It’s solitary, has enough space, and can be decorated without causing any disturbance in the home. If you have an attic, it’s probably being used as a storeroom of sorts. Shift all that into the garage and make a perfect workstation.

For most office spaces, white background is the most recommended color option because it is soft, natural, and does not distract you. While painting is a great option, you can go the extra mile and use whiteboard stickers instead. They are removable, easy to use, and have served a functional purpose as well. 

As their name suggests, whiteboard stickers can turn any surface into a working whiteboard. Just take out your marker and start writing. Once you’re done, clean it and you’ll have a shiny white wall again. 


Whether you are a working professional, an entrepreneur, or a student, you need an outlet to make notes, note deadlines or illustrate concepts in your workstation. Removable whiteboard stickers by Davik are an excellent example of home office design ideas because they are easy to clean, don’t need any special equipment, and can be removed without damaging the wall. 

Davik is a popular name in the adhesives industry and has a long history of delivering innovative products to its customers. It’s premium whiteboard stickers – UNDO – are now available on Amazon and can be delivered all around the world. 



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promotional packaging ideas

The fierce competition in the consumer market requires brands to constantly come up with different ways to stand out and attract new customers. Packaging is one of the first things your customer interacts with and holds an essential position in defining a customer’s experience. 

Multiple brands report better sales and customer retention numbers by making simple changes in their packaging only. Research shows that around a third of an average customer’s choice is based on packaging. That is a huge number and can potentially take your business to the top.

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5 Elements that can enhance your product’s packaging

Transforming your packaging doesn’t need elaborate measures. You don’t have to adopt Ruth Goldberg’s method to make a difference. Simple and effective measures that connect with your consumers can help you create something that inspires sales and appeals to the masses. 

Some of the best elements you can add to your packaging is as follows:

1 – Focus on the convenience

In the FMCG industry, your consumer’s experience has a direct impact on brand loyalty. Convenient packaging shows that you, as a brand, care for your customers, and that message can help increase sales and retention. 

An excellent add-on to improve your package’s convenience is the carry handle. Bulk items usually come in cartons or wrapped with shrink that are either too weak or too awkward to handle and you might need your both hands to lift it up. Carry handle tape can be secured to your existing package and make it easier to handle. It has versatile applications and can be used to implement many promotional packaging ideas.

promotional packaging ideas

2 – A special unboxing experience

Another great way to enhance your overall appeal is to make the unboxing experience more pleasant for the customers. This tactic is often adopted by brands that deal in electronics and cosmetics, but other industries can also benefit from it. A perfect example can be cereal boxes. They come with additional puzzles, games, and other engaging activities to attract children. 

3 – Tell a compelling story or add your brand’s message

Sometimes using your package to tell your brand’s story can help you connect with your customers and make them feel like a part of a community. You can also use colors, taglines, personalized messages, and other texts to inform your customers about any new promotion, put up a slogan, or even a simple joke to stand out in the crowded aisle and increase your sales. Such branded messages can easily be printed on the carry handle, resulting in additional marketing space for you.

4 – Sustainability

Packaging is one of the biggest culprits behind marine pollution and plastic waste. Sustainable packaging solutions are a primary requirement for many modern consumer segments who are both vocal and are significant in numbers. In many countries, even governments are incentivizing green packaging solutions that can effectively reduce our reliance on plastics. Moreover, you as a business, have an ethical and moral responsibility to adopt sustainable practices wherever possible.

Davik brings an excellent packaging solution that is cost-effective, convenient, and eliminates the need for plastic bags! And the best thing is, it’s 100% plastic-free. The GreenCarry is a paper-based carry handle with the same performance parameters, overall convenience, and weight sustaining capacity. Add this to your package and truly establish your brand as a green alternative.  

5 – Creativity

The last thing you can do to add some character to your packaging is to ditch the box. Most brands fail to capitalize on excellent promotional packaging ideas because of their traditional design. By using creative shapes and colors, you’ll be able to improve your brand’s chances in the market. Combine that with a carefully crafted creative message or a subtle joke, and you’ll have an absolute winner in your hands. 


IMRG UK suggests that your customers decide whether to keep purchasing your product or to move on based on the packaging experience. By focusing on improvement, you can ensure that the latter never happens. 

This text addressed some of the most effective changes you can introduce in your product to implement your promotional packaging ideas and improve your brand’s overall marketing appeal. There are countless other opportunities where you can creatively increase your product’s sales and inspire new sales. 



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agriculture pest control

The growing awareness of climate change has led to a domino effect within most industries. Agriculture is no exception. Customers are increasingly becoming more conscious about pesticides and other toxic chemicals used in the industry. After all, you are what you eat. 

In this situation, organic farming has been in the spotlight for a while. However, this farming system is expensive and has many issues. One of them is agriculture pest control, which is difficult to manage through organic methods alone. Pesticides, though harmful, are an effective countermeasure against common pests that can destroy crops and leave a major portion of your yield inedible. 


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The importance of pest control

Ask any farmer about the most hated part of their job, the answer you’ll most likely get is pests. These insects can be responsible for high yield loss and are very hard to stop. If left unchecked, Locusts, Rootworm, and other pests can leave behind destruction and food shortage that’s almost biblical in proportion. 

It’s why many in the agriculture industry resort to using common pesticides and insecticides based on chemical ingredients. These options provide good control most of the time when used wisely. And why not? Chemical pesticides can be used effectively and efficiently for pest control. It’s an ideal solution that actually works… but guess what, it comes with a catch! 

The use of many pesticides is a severe health risk. Depending on the type of pesticide used, it can result in short–term or even chronic effects on the consumer’s health. Exposure to such chemicals can lead to blindness, nausea, and, in some critical cases, even death. This is the reason why in many countries some of the harmful insecticide formulas are banned for usage in many areas across the world.  As awareness of these side effects grows, the need for a healthy alternative form of agriculture pest control grows as well. 

Thankfully, Davik has a solution

pest control solution

What is Catchy by Davik?

Catchy by Davik achieves everything that a commonly used pesticide does but without the adverse effects on the consumer’s health. In a nutshell, it’s a uniquely made dry adhesive that attracts and catches flying pests to protect your crops. 

Catchy is ideally made for greenhouses, tunnels, and net houses. If your farming operations include cannabis, indoor hydroponic farming, nurseries, vegetable crops, leafy greens, and other crops that are directly consumed, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more appropriate pest control system. Catchy can do that job easily. 

And the best part! You don’t have to worry about regular applications. Generally, Catchy remains effective for at least 6 months. 

Catchy has several other advantages listed in detail below. 

1 – Chemical Free

Catchy by Davik doesn’t use any chemicals. It’s designed to be a perfect addition to any farm and is 100% non-toxic. It can dramatically reduce the need for insecticide spraying while also providing adequate security to the crops. The adhesive tape leaves no residue behind on the crops, making them safe for consumption. The product can easily be used as a part of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) while having a significant impact and effectiveness.

2 – Usable in Harsh Conditions

The adhesive roller sheet is ensured to be effective even in extreme environments. Catchy was tested in the Judean Desert and prevailed against both cold nights and hot days. 

3 – Easy Installation

Catchy doesn’t waste your time. It comes with the glue already applied on the sheet and is sticky on both sides. For installation, all you need to do is simply hang the roller sheet in the needed area and you’re done! The roll itself is very easy to handle, thanks to special design, developed together with local farmers, thinking exclusively about their convenience in usage.

4 – Detection System 

One major advantage of Catchy is that it can be used as an early warning system for infestations. By giving a visual indicator of the types of pests and their population in the area, Catchy allows farmers to take early action against any suspected infestation. It actually alerts about any new pest population in the farm and also controls it by preventing extensive growth.

5 – Available in different colors

Depending on the type of pest, they are more likely to land on either blue or yellow surfaces. If you need an effective system against thrips, then Catchy blue is what you need. While on the other hand, Catchy Yellow is the solution for problems related to whiteflies, aphids, shore flies, also thrips and other kinds of pests. 

That’s not all, additional colors can also be arranged if needed.

Davik: Leading the way for sustainability in most industries. 

Davik is a leading name when it comes to sustainable packaging for a good reason. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking to reduce the carbon footprint of their packaging at the minimum price. Davik works in several industries such as Food & Beverages, Retail, Building & DIY, and others. 

The agricultural industry is another area where Davik offers multiple innovative solutions. From Catchy to GreenCarry and many others, Davik is the leading choice for many firms looking to make their operations more eco–friendly. 

Davik’s main specialization is the development and formulation of adhesive solutions. This is the area where Davik outstands and sometimes provides creative and effective solutions thanks to the knowhow and expertise of its R&D team.

Interested in learning more? You can contact Davik now and have an experienced and innovative team ready to help you find the most practical sustainable solution you need.



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GreenCarrry Sustainable packaging

No one can deny that plastics have many essential applications. However, single-use bags and other items create more harm than good. The packaging industry, the biggest contributor to plastic waste, is the focus area for many brands that are looking to reduce their environmental impact by moving towards sustainable packaging materials.

Adopting sustainable practices is the best way forward for all consumer brands. Minimizing environmental impact is the moral and social responsibility of every business. With sustainable packaging solutions, you can do it while improving your standing in the market. A win-win situation for everyone.  


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The demand for sustainable packaging materials

There is an increasing demand for brands to adopt sustainable materials because of growing awareness throughout the world. Many consumer segments in the developed countries are even willing to go for a more expensive alternative if it is eco-friendly. Today, brands are increasingly shifting towards sustainability and by 2025, the market for eco-friendly packaging is expected to grow by 43%.

In some areas, sustainable packaging is no longer optional due to local regulations. Many governments have either completely or partially banned the use of plastic bags in the retail environment. In areas where they are still allowed, customers are asked to pay extra for a plastic bag as a measure to discourage its use. 

This situation warrants a sustainable replacement for plastic bags that delivers the same convenience and portability without any harm to the environment. Davik has the perfect solution for you.

What does Davik offer?

The carry handle tape is a viable replacement for plastic bags. This product naturally becomes a part of your package and makes handling easier for the customer. Thereby, eliminating the need for plastic bags.

Davik, being the original developer of the carry handle, continues to innovate its solutions to deliver a better and more effective service to its customers. The original carry handle was a step above plastic bags because of its minimalist design and recyclability. However, it was still made from plastic. 

An alternative packaging solution, the GreenCarry, was developed from sustainable packaging materials and delivers the same performance with the least amount of plastic waste. The benefits of GreenCarry are described in full detail in the next sections. 

GreenCarrry sustainable packaging

1 – 100% plastic-free

The GreenCarry handle is 100% free from any plastic part. The entire design is paper-based to ensure that the package could be directly sent to recycling without sorting or separation. On average, only 10% of packaging material is recycled due to the intricate separation processes required. The seemingly small characteristic can drastically improve those numbers and make an actual difference.  

2 – Works just as well as the regular product

A common misconception about paper-based products is that they can’t perform as well as their plastic counterparts. The GreenCarry is designed on the same performance standards as a regular carry handle tape. The product can easily sustain loads up to 9 kg without any damage. If required, that capacity can also be increased in some cases. 

3 – Compatible with the existing machinery

Already using the carry handle? Don’t worry, you won’t have to invest any additional capital in new machinery. The GreenCarry can work with almost all the automatic applicators currently used in the industry after a few adjustments only. 

4 – Customizable

Thinking about running a promotion for the next holiday season or do you want to offer a discount bundle to your consumers? The sustainable carry handle can help you do all that by allowing you to change the overall dimensions of the handle and print your customized message for promotional packaging.  

5 – Cost-effective

Normally, sustainable alternatives with the same performance parameters cost a little extra. But that’s not the case with Davik’s GreenCarry. Adding this eco-friendly option does not require any unreasonable investments. In some cases, you can even save some money with this option as it reduces the overall material you need for the package. 

Davik: Preparing the world for a more sustainable future, one package at a time

Davik has been associated with the packaging industry for more than decades and continues to improve its partner’s experience with innovation and creativity. When it comes to sustainable packaging material, the GreenCarry is not the only product Davik offers. You have the option of combining this paper-based carry handle with a paper-based bundle tape to create a perfect eco-friendly pack. 

Similarly, even plastic products Davik has focused on sustainability. For example, the PE carry handle tape does not need sorting and can be recycled with shrinkwrap. Thanks to its experienced team, Davik can deliver the most effective and eco-friendly solution for any requirement or application. You can connect with a Davik expert today to learn how it can help your brand move towards a sustainable future. 


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pest control solution

Insects and pests have existed a lot longer than humans and have developed some unique evolutionary traits. Most insects have the inherent capability to process light beyond the visible spectrum as they use colors for identification, navigation, communication, and other tasks.

Scientists have studied the effect of colors on insect behavior and believe that most common pests respond positively to the colors yellow and blue (Blumthal et al, 2005). In the past, farmers used this knowledge of typical insect behavior to monitor pest populations using individual yellow sticky tags. However, the same concept today can be used as an effective method of pest control in crops.


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Traditional pest-control in crops and modern industry requirements

Since the advent of monoculture, farmers have  relied on chemical pesticides to control the pest population and protect their crops. However, research has revealed that total reliance on pesticides for pest control causes severe harm to both the consumers and to the environment.

Novel modern farming techniques are also ill-suited for pest-control based on chemical sprays. Hydroponics does not use soil and suspends crop roots in an aqueous solution. Since there is no protection, exposure of toxic pesticides can damage or kill the plant. Similarly, it’s crucial to ensure crops that are directly consumed– fruits, green veggies, or even cannabis, which is inhaled – do not have any toxic residues from pest control applications, as they are  dangerous for the consumers.

Today, consumers and governments are demanding the agriculture sector to significantly reduce their use of harmful pesticides. Agencies like the USDA and EFSA continue to limit the allowed rates of pesticides or even ban certain chemicals for crop protection and pest control. Similarly, the customers are also more aware of the danger and demand chemical-free and/or organic produce.

pest control in crops

Alternative pest-control methods

Many farmers rely on numerous alternative measures to protect their crops while minimizing pesticide use. Concepts like Integrated Pest Management (IPM) now use a combination of physical, chemical, and biological solutions to effectively control pest populations. 

Research reveals that yellow sticky insect traps are among the most effective alternative options (Pobozniak et al, 2020) & (Do Bae et al, 2015). Numerous studies confirm that common pests are attracted to yellow surfaces and ignore food sources of other colors. A study in 2015 proved this behavior when it showed how sap sucking pests continued to approach yellow flowers even while food sources of other colors were readily available. (Sathe et al, 2015) 

Sticky traps, in simple terms, are long adhesive sheets set up in the field or in the greenhouse and come in various widths and lengths providing different levels of protection. Their color and pattern attract the pests which fly onto the tape instead of landing on the crops and are trapped by the adhesive covering the surface. In most cases, these tapes can cope with the majority of an insect pest population in a greenhouse. This either eliminates the need for  using pesticides or reduces it significantly.

Catchy by Davik: A sustainable and effective method for pest control in crops

Catchy by Davik is an effective insect “Lure & Kill” based trap that uses a premium adhesive material to ensure long-lasting performance. Davik is known for its innovative and practical adhesive solutions that ensure user’s convenience without compromising on functionality. Catchy operates just like a regular tape and comes with the adhesive already applied to both sides to augment the protection and to provide user convenience. . 

Currently, Davik has two products under the Catchy brand name. 

  1. Catchy Yellow: Double-sided adhesive sheets in a bright yellow color to trap common flying pests like tobacco white fly, aphids, thrips, the common house fly and other species that are naturally attracted to yellow.
  2. Catchy Blue: Literature shows that many thrip species are also attracted to blue colors. For specific thrip infestations, the Catchy adhesive sheets also come in blue.. 

Both of these options have been tested by Davik in the extreme weather of the Judea Desert. They show excellent performance in varying temperatures, dusty areas, and other extreme conditions. The thick sheet and premium adhesive ensure long-lasting protection.. 

For greenhouses, net houses and other indoor farms, Catchy by Davik has a minimum lifespan of 6 months, which is incredible. The product also works effectively with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) protocols and does not hinder other pest control methods in the greenhouse, providing farmers the most efficient pest control for their crops with minimum drawbacks. 


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