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The consumer market is a challenging space where even the smallest edge can significantly improve a brand’s standing. Decision-makers have the unique challenge of maintaining profit ratios and keeping their customers comfortable through innovative and convenient packages.

Moreover, modern brands also prioritize sustainable practices and focus on reducing the impact packaging materials have on the environment. Only a few items available in the market can claim to be cost-effective, sustainable, and convenient. Carry handle tape is one of them.

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Are you looking for a primary carry handle supplier or need an alternate choice for your business? Making the correct choice is crucial and you can’t help but feel apprehensive about approaching any provider without key information. Davik being the natural choice for most applications – due to its global reach, overall quality, and sustainability – believes that you should know all the players in the market to make an informed choice.

Factors to look for when selecting a carry handle supplier

Whenever you go through the process of selecting a primary or secondary supplier, you must base your decision on the following crucial factors to avoid issues and delays down the line.

1. Customized solutions

It’s impossible to approach any problem with a one-size-fits-all approach. If you are using conventional packaging materials, it is ideal for you to have a supplier that can offer customized solutions to ensure perfect tack and consistent performance. R&D capabilities with whatever concerns adhesives are very important, especially in order to find better and more customized solutions to special or hard for tack materials.

2. Expert guidance and additional services

Another important parameter for selecting a supplier is the additional services you get along with the product. Most brands starting to use the carry handle want some sort of guidance regarding the application from their supplier. If you approach an experienced team that has been in the market for a long time, you’ll be able to use their expertise and avoid some common mistakes that might delay or hinder the deployment of your new package. 

3. Sustainable products and compliance with standards

Modern consumers and governments appreciate brands that follow sustainable practices that reduce the overall burden on the environment. In many countries, manufacturers can enjoy certain privileges and tax-breaks for using eco-friendly materials. Moreover, caring for the environment is also the moral and ethical thing to do even if you are not getting any financial benefits out of it.

The carry handle tape from any supplier comes with some environmental benefits. However, you can go the extra mile and select someone who offers recyclable packaging and uses sustainable production methods to further reduce the overall carbon footprint of their products. 

4. Industrial relationships

Introducing any change in an existing setup requires input from various parties. If you opt for automatic application of the carry handle in your package, you’ll need an excellent applicator as well. An experienced tape supplier can make this job easier and connect you with a suitable manufacturer and help you out with other common challenges. There’s a definite advantage that every company specializes in its best (either adhesives or machinery), while having good relationships with professional companies who can complement the job.

5. Range of other adhesive products 

Availability of other adhesive solutions does not have a direct influence on the carry handle. However, it can be a great indicator of the company’s expertise and knowhow. In some cases, you can create even better packaging solutions by combining the carry handle and other adhesive products that complement it. For example,  bundle roll tape for multipacks.


carry handle tape

Other Major carry handle producers in the market

Over the years, many international producers have designed carry handles for retail and consumer products. Various factors like the available adhesive solutions and the product range determine which supplier is the best fit for your company. The following organizations have the largest share in the market of carry handle tapes. 


Alimac is a famous carry handle supplier based in Italy. The company started its operations in 1990 and has a wide product range for different applications. Alimac has developed its adhesive formula, which they claim can work with most materials.

In addition to making and supplying the carry handle tapes, Alimac distinguishes itself by providing its own automated applicators under one roof. The company claims to have 20+ applicator models for different applications that are capable of handling about 100 packs per minute in a single lane configuration.


Supertape is another popular manufacturer of the carry handle that started working in 1962. The Dutch company specializes in various kinds of tapes and other adhesive products for different applications and uses a one-for-all adhesive formula that can work with most packaging materials. 

The carry handle tapes are not the only product Supertape has. The company has a variety of other products for industrial, packaging, construction, and domestic applications. Some of their products also have food-grade certifications and comply with international standards. 


3M is a well-known conglomerate that operates in several countries and serves numerous industries through its extensive range of products. The company started its operations in 1902 and since then has grown into what it is today. The carry handle tape is among the various products 3M offers to its clients.

Logo Tape

Well-known manufacturer of adhesive tapes, operating mainly in Europe since 1998. They have a few daughter companies in European countries, successfully cooperating with other companies in the industry. Logo tape group can offer a wide range of adhesive tapes, not only carry handle tape. 

Davik Tapes

Davik is a well-known manufacturer of the carry handle tape that operates from Israel. It’s been in operation since 1983 and has global recognition for its unique and sustainable adhesive solutions. Davik specializes in the carry handle applications and is the first company to develop this unique concept for wider applications. Moreover, Davik has an active R&D department that creates a specialized adhesive solution for the needed surface by adjusting the glue properties.

Davik is not only limited to the carry handle tapes. You can find a variety of adhesive solutions that can assist you in achieving your packaging goals easily. Moreover, you can design your own solution with Davik. The expert team accompanies you throughout the process and can create a unique solution according to your requirements and material properties.


There are a few additional companies producing carry handle tape, operating mainly in Western and Eastern Europe: Induplast, Varteck, Boston tapes, Rynag. Each one of them are good companies with certain advantages.

Key takeaways

Procurement managers have an important job,  selecting the most appropriate supplier ensures seamless processes in the later stages. Davik understands that and is committed to helping you through the selection process by identifying potential choices and their offerings. If you want to learn more, check out our articles about the process of adding the carry handle to your existing package or how to select the best automatic applicator for your plant. 


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carry handle tape

We have extensively covered how incredible the carry handle is. The adhesive add-on is eco-friendly, cost-effective, versatile, and convenient for any brand and application. Moreover, the carry handle tape also has a lot of marketing potential while serving as promotional packaging. It can also make a significant impact on the overall consumer experience of a brand.

In the following article we will use the example of some top brands across different industries and see how they use the carry handle to improve their customer experience and boost their sales.


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Daisy Brand Sour Cream

Daisy Brand is a perfect example of a manufacturer using innovative ways to increase sales and keep their customers happy. The carry handle tape allows this brand to target multiple goals without investing a significant amount. Daisy brand uses the handle to create exciting multipacks of its best-selling items like sour cream and whipped cream. Additionally, consumers in a supermarket tend to prefer products that stand out on the shelf. The innovative design and the option of getting multiple products at a slight discount encourage the customers to select the Daisy Brand and drive up their sales. 

carry handle

Coca Cola Israel

Everyone’s favorite drink – Coca-Cola – relied on bulky and inconvenient cartons in the past. The packaging was expensive and inconvenient for everyone involved in the supply chain. To address these issues, Coca-Cola decided to use shrink wrap and a carry handle. This innovative combination made it easier for consumers to handle the pack and was better for marketing. The company also benefited because the combined cost of shrink wrap and the carry handle was lower than carton packs. 


carry handle tape 

Evian Water

Evian Water brand decided to stand out from its competition by using the carry handle tape on their 4-packs. This was an immediate hit as consumers responded well to the innovative packaging and the convenience it offered. The carry handle also allowed Evian Water to increase its marketing effort and establish itself as a premium water brand.

carry handle tape


Marketing bottled water is tricky because of the product limitation and the availability of many options in the market. Lajhtiza, a water brand based in Albania, has been using the carry handle for a few years to keep its market share through innovative packaging. The brand introduced the concept of the carry handles in Albania, which was well-received by the customers and boosted their overall sales.


carry handle tape

Ocean Spray

Ocean Spray is a premium juice brand in the United States. Known for their delicious cranberry and grapefruit juices, they enjoy a loyal customer base that appreciates the brand’s sustainable practices and organic products. To enhance the customer’s experience and maintain their eco-friendly reputation, ocean spray may now use paper-based carry handle tapes, which have become available in the market just recently. They have all the benefits of a regular carry handle and can be recycled as well together with a carton juice pack.


brand carry handle

Lily brand

Toilet paper rolls are an essential commodity that most people prefer to buy in bulk. For retail stores selling large packs, the packing was always an issue. They relied on plastic bags for their customer’s convenience, but those bags had their fair share of issues. The carry handle tape is a unique solution Lily brand implemented to make handling easier for customers and the retail stores without any environmental drawbacks. The add-on allowed the brand to stand out and grab a significant market share as most people tend to grab the first package they notice.


carry handle tape

Address your packaging issues with Davik!

Changing a product’s packaging is not a simple job as multiple areas need attention. You might have to invest in new machinery, train the workforce, and introduce changes in your production line.

Going through all that is worth-it as packaging has a crucial role in any product’s marketing effort. Apart from the visual presentation, the packaging delivers a brand’s message, influences the customer’s experience, and has a direct impact on the overall production cost.

Davik understands how important packaging is for the sales of any product and has created a solution to introduce meaningful and effective changes in your packaging at the lowest cost. The adhesive carry handle tape by Davik can work with all common packaging materials, and you can also get a custom solution for your special applications.

On top of that, Davik also has an experienced team to help implement your vision and guide you on every step of your carry handle journey. Connect with the best carry handle suppliers in the market today to get started.


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eco friendly carry handles

The use of plastics, especially single-use plastics, has devastating consequences. Globally, almost 300 million tons of plastic products are produced every year, and a significant portion out of it is used for packaging. These plastics then end up in landfills and the ocean, where it creates numerous environmental problems.

Today, it is the responsibility of all businesses, irrespective of their industry, to come up with ways to reduce their reliance on plastics. The significance of the retail sector can’t be overstated. It is the commercial endpoint of any supply chain, and the first in-person interaction a business has with its customers.

The essential role retail organisations enjoy in the market means that they need to play their part by curbing the use of plastics. While retail stores generally don’t have a say in the packaging decisions of different brands, they can still make a difference by targeting plastic bags and other single-use items by replacing them with eco-friendly options like the carry handle.

There are several alternatives that retail stores can use to replace plastic bags. However, almost all of them demand several compromises and some additional costs to maintain the same comfort levels for the customers.

For retail environments looking to adopt sustainable practices, the carry handle is a perfect product.

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The retail world in a war against single-use plastics

According to a survey, 88% of the consumers believe that retail organisations need to step up and do more to reduce the number of plastics used today. Many retail businesses have, in response, shifted to greener, more environmentally friendly packages to negate the damage. This is no longer a matter of social responsibility only. Consumer groups are actively advocating environmental issues, while many governments are incentivising green practices.

What does the law say?

The harmful effects of plastics have forced many governments around the world to get involved and address the issue through different legislations, recycling programs, and green incentives. Many countries and states have banned the use of single-use plastics, and retailers, with brands like Unilever and Coca-Cola, are even looking to make their shelves plastic-free.

In the United States, California, Hawaii, New York, and many other states have imposed a state-wide ban on single-use plastic bags. To encourage consumers and retail stores to come up with new innovative solutions, states are even imposing a tax on the use of paper bags – which are somewhat better than plastics but still are bad for the environment.

Overall, governments are fighting on two fronts. They are aiming to make all plastics reusable, recyclable, or compostable and are looking to eliminate the unnecessary use of plastics through alternative methods. That is where the carry handle shines.

Eco Friendly Carry handle tape: The perfect solution

One major way retailers can use to achieve their environmental goals is by using the Carry handle tape. Carry handles are perhaps the most natural and effective alternatives that can be immediately deployed in the retail sector. They are a sophisticated option that not only reduces consumer’s overall reliance on plastic bags but also is extremely comfortable and convenient for everyone.

Some of the unique qualities of the carry handle tape that make is a suitable choice for the retail sector are:

1 – Convenient to use: The carry handle tape is extremely convenient to apply. Each handle comes with two adhesive legs which stick to your package, while in the center of such a strip, there is a grab insert produced from paper or other material enabling convenient lifting of a pack.  

2 – Lightweight, but sturdy: The carry handle may sound like a weak add-on, but that’s not true. Davik’s carry handle tape, for instance, comes with the inherent ability to sustain about 40 pounds without any damage. This is more than enough for almost all retail environments as most packages tend to weigh less. 

3 – Cost-effective: The carry handle tape does not have a long list of prerequisites, so you won’t have to make any significant investments outside the actual cost of the product. Especially for retails – there’s an option instead of automatic application, to apply the handle manually, while having them detached used the perforation between each handle on a roll.

4 – Versatile: Versatility is one of the biggest reasons why some people still cling to plastic bags despite their obvious drawbacks. The carry handle tape is just as versatile. From shrink wraps to cartons and food bags, the adhesive handle can attach to almost all the surfaces you may find in a retail environment.  

5 – Customizable: Running a unique promotion, or want your customers to know about a new location? The carry handle has got you. The handle is a perfect spot for your retail store to send a message and add a unique flair for the customers.  

How Covid-19 changed consumer behavior

The ongoing pandemic has completely changed the rules of engagement globally. The consumer who was concerned about sustainability, green practices, and other factors in the past is only worried about one thing – not getting the virus. This trend has changed the way people shop with more people limiting their visits by buying groceries in bulk and trying their best to reduce the contact points.

The fact that the virus survives on different surfaces has also affected the plans of retail outlets. Now, many outlets that encouraged customers to bring their own bags are not allowing them and are back to using plastic bags. This has caused a surge in the amount of plastic waste throughout the world and poses several threats to the future. 

Luckily, the design and features of the carry handle tape by Davik make it a perfect choice for the post-pandemic world. The handle is quite sturdy and can sustain a lot of weight (about 18 Kg). In addition, it has a very specific point of contact with the product. To know more about how the carry handle is enhancing the in-store experience after the pandemic, check out this article

Final thoughts

To conclude, the carry handle tape is among a few eco-friendly, convenient, and practical options that can bring forth a positive change without burdening the retail sector with additional costs. It’s versatile and strong enough to meet all the demands of a retail environment and can even be used as an effective marketing tool. 

Interested in trying out the carry handle tape? Contact Davik today to get started. 

Davik is one of the oldest and most reliable carry handle producers, who has been in the market for more than two decades, and has served numerous customers in the retail and manufacturing sector. No matter what your requirements are, Davik has the expertise and the capability to meet your expectations.



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Retail is a dynamic industry and companies need to change their promotions and bundles according to the market’s situation and demand. Celebrations like the Holidays, New-years, Halloween, and many others come with unique opportunities for brands to connect with the consumers and attract them towards their product. That’s why you always see retail stores and brands running special sales in different situations.

In many promotional bundles, organizations create multipacks of different products that are often bought together. Some brands even collaborate with others on special occasions. For instance, you might have seen a bundle of Turkey and stuffing mix in your local supermarket during the holidays.

During the year, there can be a lot of reasons for creating a bundle of two or more packs: 

  1. promotional price for a multipack, instead of selling only an individual pack. These tactics usually also substantially effect sales.
  2. introducing the market with a new taste, while selling the new one in a bundle with already known taste, offering a promotional price and this way simplifying the choice for a consumer.

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In such cases, it is important to come up with a packaging solution that can create attractive bundles without needing a lot of changes in the process. The profit margins in the consumer market are quite low and most brands can’t sustain any additional packaging costs. For this reason, there is a demand in the market for innovative and cost-effective solutions, for creating bundles and multipacks, that can be immediately deployed and removed at a later stage. 

That’s where Davik’s Bundle Roll Tape comes into the picture. It is among the few products available in the market that address all the aforementioned issues. It even has the capability to integrate with other Davik products like the carry handle tape. The following are some of the characteristics that make the Bundle Roll tape a perfect choice for your brand’s multipack.

1 – Perfect for consumer products

Consumer packaging demands a lot of considerations. You need to make sure your chosen package is easier to handle, is attractive enough to draw customers, and is versatile enough for different applications. The Davik Bundle Roll tape is a perfect choice for consumer items as its adhesive solution can firmly hold all kinds of common packaging materials like shrink wrap and cartons. 

Another excellent feature of the Davik Bundle Roll tape is its excellent compatibility. The tape is compatible with all kinds of existing machinery being used in the industry today. This means that you don’t have to worry about changing the existing setup or introducing a new component in your production line. Davik’s tape can easily and immediately become a part of your product. 


bundle tape

2 – Removable and environment-friendly

A distinguishing quality of the Bundle Roll tape is that its adhesive formula allows the tape to be easily removed without damaging the original packing. It doesn’t even affect the labels or graphics on the pack and leaves no trace of the adhesive formula. This quality allows you to simply remove the multipack once a specific promotion is over and sell it separately.

In many applications, using the Bundle Roll tape can reduce the use of plastics in packaging. It can replace shrink wrap used for beverages or cartons used for some other items. Not only that, Davik offers an innovative paper-based bundle tape that firmly sticks to carton packs and can be recycled together with them.

3 – Customizable for marketing and promotions

As stated above, the packaging is an important marketing tool that directly impacts how a particular product performs in the consumer market. You can have the best quality product, but you’ll struggle to sell if it comes in an unappealing package. People might think that using tape would leave little room for promotional packaging, or any other marketing message. However, that’s not the case with Davik’s Bundle Tape, which can be custom-printed with your logo or any other unique message.  

4 – Simpler and convenient handling of multipacks 

One concerning thing that happens with multi-packs is their awkward shape. In some cases they become too inconvenient to handle. Davik’s Bundle tape addresses this issue by integrating with the carry handle, which enhances the overall convenience. 


Create Convenient and Safe Multi-packs with Davik’s Low Tack Tapes

Davik offers a variety of innovative adhesive solutions that cover all the aforementioned points and help you achieve the perfect package for your consumers. For multipacks, Davik has designed the Bundle Roll tape. It is specially designed for consumer packages and can even combine with other Davik products to ensure the perfect experience for your customers. 

Davik focuses on ensuring the best experience for its customers at every step of the journey. Starting from their inquiry about the products to the delivery, you’ll have access to Davik’s dedicated team of industry experts with more than 20 years of global experience. Check out the innovative range of Davik’s adhesive solutions on a roll. 


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secondary supplier

Procurement is a tricky job. Multiple factors determine the timely arrival of all key components for your plant’s operation. In many cases, the unavailability of a single part can hinder production and cause several problems at a later stage. To avoid that, it is standard practice to retain multiple suppliers to reduce the dependency on a single source. 

If you are already using carry handles in your products, then you know how it helps to advance your product goals. For carry handles as well, it is recommended to rely on alternate carry handle suppliers to keep the production going without any delays. 

When you’ll start looking for a secondary supplier, you’ll find that major options either cost more or require you to make some compromises. Davik has been in the market for more than two decades and has supplied customised adhesive solutions for carry handles to different industrial sectors. If you’re not already working with Davik and are looking for a supplier that gives you the best worth for your money without compromising on quality, read on to know why Davik is the best choice. 

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Factors to look for when selecting a secondary carry handle supplier

While selecting a carry handle supplier, any procurement team considers multiple key factors. The same factors are equally important in the case of an alternate supplier, but the following considerations take more precedence. 

1 – Quality

The first thing any customer deals in a supermarket is the packaging, especially the carry handle. A bad experience like the handle breaking on the way out will be enough for them to stay away from your brand. When selecting a carry handle supplier, you must make sure that their product is of optimum quality. The tape must be capable of sustaining the weight of the package and ensure continuous comfort for the end-user.

2 – Operational compatibility

Another important factor for selecting an alternate carry handle supplier is their compatibility with the existing setup. Automatic applicators need investment and other considerations, so you can’t buy multiple models for each carry handle supplier. This consideration is  applicable only while using an  automatic handle applicator in the production line. In the case of manual application, this concern is irrelevant. 

3 – Customisation

The final factor that you must look for in an alternate carry handle supplier is customisation. If you are using the carry handle for promotional packaging or for running different marketing campaigns, you’ll need to make sure that your alternate supplier offers the same graphics and other customised features.

How can Davik help?

The carry handle tape by Davik is an innovative, economical, strong, and well tested option that covers all the aforementioned factors. The product is designed for versatile use and is a perfect choice if you want a reliable option. 

Davik’s carry handle comes with the inherent capability of lifting 18 Kg and even above without breaking. Specialised solutions can also be developed for heavier packages. Davik specializes in various kinds of adhesives and carry handle tape adhesives are one of them. Davik R&D team has developed special carry handle  adhesives more than 20 years ago and since then have supplied excellent solutions to multiple clients all over the world. Davik is the only company having several carry handle tape adhesives, adjusted to the pack wrap material on which carry handle tape is placed.

When it comes to compatibility, the carry handle by Davik has no competition. The product is suitable for any handle applicator available in the market, so you can replace your existing supplier with Davik without any extra steps or considerations. If manual application is needed – Davik has a very convenient option of small rolls, while each handle is easily detachable one from another

For promotional messaging and other marketing requirements, Davik offers professional graphic designing services that can replicate the designs and measurements of your existing supplier or sit down with you to come up with an even better solution. 

Key takeaway: Choose Davik to experience the best!

Choosing the best supplier for your carry handle may seem like a complex task as there are only a few viable options in the market. Successful people always say that you can’t put all your eggs in a single basket, and the same philosophy applies to the procurement of carry handle tape. 

To prepare yourself for delays due to logistical constraints or any other factor, it’s smart to always have a reliable secondary supplier. Davik is a trusted company with a global reach and an extensive history of ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Whether Davik is your primary carry handle supplier or a secondary one, you are guaranteed to always get the best adhesive solution on a roll!

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packaging solution

Any marketing expert will tell you that regardless of how good your product’s quality is compared to your competitors, it will never sell unless it’s in an equally pleasing packaging. The importance of appealing and convenient packaging solutions can never be underestimated. But for a majority of small-sized products, finding the right kind of packaging isn’t as big of an issue. 

For bulkier products, finding the right package becomes more of a challenge. Brands have the responsibility of keeping the customers happy and making their product stand-out from their competition through their packaging, marketing campaigns, and after-sale services. Delivering a quality product is only a small part of the job. 


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The three crucial packaging objectives for brands today

The global market has completely changed the game in recent years. Consumers now have direct access to multiple brands due to lower supply chain costs and the rise of global e-commerce players. Brands now have to deal with both local and international competitors, which has forced them to up their game. 

After the quality and functionality, the most important thing that can impact sales is packaging. There are multiple examples of brands seeing a significant improvement in their market performance through attractive and convenient packaging solutions. When it comes to packaging, brands have to consider a lot of factors to make an effective decision. From the nature of the product to the target market segment, multiple factors can influence your packaging decision.

Brands can have multiple objectives through the packaging solution they adopt. However, the following three are considered as the most important.

1 – Marketing and user convenience

The biggest objective for any brand is to ensure the convenience of its consumers through attractive and innovative packaging solutions. This is especially true for products with an awkward design or heavier products, as brands aim to make the purchase decision easier for the customers by making their package easier to carry. 

Brands that focus on the convenience of their consumers generally perform better than their counterparts. Heavier products can especially benefit from convenient packaging. No consumer would mind carrying a light, small package back to their car no matter how awkward its design is. However, they’ll think twice for heavier packages and that’s where your product can take an edge. 

Another important objective that brands have regarding their packaging solutions is to employ effective marketing tactics for their products. The package is the first thing any consumer sees in a departmental store, so it has to be attractive enough to make your product stand out.

2 – Price

Another important consideration for any brand is the overall price of the packaging they are selecting. Brands want to reap all the benefits from their packaging and ensure convenience for their users, but they are restricted due to budget. This forces brands to either increase their prices or absorb the increase in cost by reducing their net profits as a trade-off. 

Both scenarios are unfavorable as many brands don’t have the room to bear a loss in profit, especially in a consumer market. While on the other hand, in a price-sensitive market, increasing the price can give competitors an edge. For bulkier packages, however, whatever packaging you use will cost more as there is a larger surface to cover. Hence, researching new, cost-effective methods for packaging without compromising on the performance becomes crucial to stay competitive. 

3 – Sustainability

In this age, focusing on sustainable materials and processes is crucial for businesses wanting to survive. Modern consumers are more aware of environmental challenges and appreciate businesses trying to bring a change. Moreover, many governments also give tax breaks and other key incentives to businesses that successfully reduce their overall carbon footprint. 

In the packaging sector, there are a lot of things any brand can do towards making a meaningful change. Plastics and other packaging materials are among the biggest contributors to pollution in many countries and even the smallest innovations to reduce our reliance on them can go a long way. Many studies show that many consumers now think of a company’s sustainability as a metric of quality and are willing to pay more for that. 

Davik’s Carry Handle: The perfect packaging solution

Now that we are somewhat aware of the challenges and objectives of the packaging industry, especially when it comes to bulky products. It’s time to look for a solution. Davik’s carry handle is perhaps the only product that checks all the boxes when it comes to fulfilling all the above objectives of any brand. The carry handle is great for marketing, convenient for the users, costs barely anything, and has the potential to reduce our reliance on plastics by a significant degree. Let’s take a look at how!

The carry handle by Davik is among the few products that are convenient for both the manufacturers and the consumers. Brands can also use it to run promotions, marketing campaigns, and make other combinations to improve their sales and introduce a new product. Generally, the tape has the capability of lifting up to 18 kgs, which allows it to handle a majority of heavy products in the consumer market. However, don’t worry if your product weighs more. Davik will work together with you throughout the process and come up with a unique solution according to your requirements. 

For brands focusing on sustainable packaging, the carry handle works like a charm. It sticks directly to the carton, shrink-wrap, or whatever packaging material you are using. Therefore, customers won’t have to use a plastic bag. Apart from that, the carry handle by Davik requires minimal investments.  It is an add-on that can be applied both manually and automatically. If you choose manual-application for your carry handle, you’ll have the freedom to apply the carry handle tape at any stage and immediately start benefiting from it.

Manually detachable carry handles come in a small convenient roll. It can also be produced in a few variations, depending on your requirements and desires. Davik will offer and recommend you the best solution for your product.

Final thoughts

Consumers anywhere prefer to buy products that use innovation to make the entire experience convenient for them and the carry handle by Davik can achieve that without any significant capital investment. It is an incredible innovation that can make everyday life easier. There are very few packaging options for heavier products and only a few of them focus on the convenience of the customer. By introducing the carry handle, you can stand apart from the competition and expect to see a significant improvement in your overall sales. 

Thinking of trying the carry handle out? Contact a Davik expert today to start the process! 


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removable whiteboard stickers

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis has shaken the world to its core. With each passing day, kids, teachers, and other professionals are struggling to work from home effectively. In this situation, removable whiteboard sticker is an innovative and convenient solution to help parents pass the time with the kids and assist students and professionals with their presentation and brainstorming needs.

What are removable whiteboard stickers? 

Just like its name, a removable whiteboard sticker is an adhesive sheet capable of sticking to various flat surfaces. Be it a table or a wall, you can apply the sheet to any surface without using any tape, glue, or other things. 

Similar to a regular whiteboard, you can use dry-erase markers to write, draw, or doodle on the sheet and easily erase it without any leftover marks. You can also remove whiteboard stickers effortlessly from the applied surface. The design ensures that no glue residue is left behind, irrespective of how long it was used. The versatility of this product makes it an ideal tool for homeschooling and so much more. 



What are the benefits of using removable whiteboard stickers?

Removable whiteboard stickers have several advantages over traditional boards.

1 – Easy to use 

The most prominent advantage of using removable whiteboard stickers is its’ convenience. There’s no complicated process for applying the sheet on the desired surface. All you need to do is to peel the release-liner and stick it to the desired area. You can also cut the sheet to your preferred size in case of limited space. Cutting the sheet to the desired size is a straightforward process. The roll comes included with a built-in safe slide cutter that can complete the job in a few minutes. After use, you can simply remove the sticker as if it was never there. 

2 – Improve your presentations

Whiteboard stickers are an economical way of drastically making your presentations more lively and memorable. Whether you’re presenting in a video conference at home or teaching your students online, you can use this sticker to write, draw, and sketch to get your point across more effectively. Furthermore, the sticker is the perfect tool to brainstorm and collaborate with your colleagues in an office setting if conference rooms or regular whiteboards are not available. 

3 – Engage Kids

Children are arguably the most affected by Covid-19. Not being able to go to school, meet their friends is no doubt detrimentally affecting their mental state. Hence, they need a creative outlet for their frustrations and need inventive ways to motivate them to study. Whiteboard stickers are just what they need. Be it for online classes or just for fun, whiteboard stickers are an inexpensive way to keep them engaged and interested.

Even in regular times, parents often complain about their children doodling on furniture, walls, and even important documents. Removable whiteboards can give them an area to draw out to their heart’s content and save you from a lot of frustration.  

4 – Cost-effective

A removable whiteboard sticker can not only perform every job that a traditional whiteboard can, but it also adds a feature of increased flexibility and versatility that is missing in the latter. Not only that, the sheet is far cheaper than traditional whiteboards. You can also roll it up easily and safely store it in a small space. The prolonged life of the product and the convenience it offers makes it worth every dollar.

5 – Multi-purpose

Removable whiteboard stickers can be used everywhere. From the already discussed examples of offices and educational institutes to applying them on the fridge for a to-do-list, the uses of whiteboard stickers are only limited by your imagination!

Undo whiteboard sticker can be adjusted for any needed size for your specific purpose. It comes in a roll with a convenient cutter and you can use only the needed part every time.


If you are looking for an excellent choice for a removable whiteboard sticker, you can never go wrong with UNDO by Davik – a premium whiteboard sticker for your every need. Davik has been in the market for almost four decades and uses that experience to create the most convenient and functional product for your applications.

Undo removable whiteboard stickers guarantee the perfect medium for a creative brainstorming session or a presentation. Be it for students taking online classes or for employees working at home, Undo is an ideal choice to make the subject engaging and dynamic.

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carry handle

The carry handle by Davik is an excellent product that has taken multiple industries by storm.

This strong and convenient add-on has various benefits and can improve your product’s performance in the market.

In the previous post, we went through the entire process of adding Davik’s carry handle tape to your product. Building on that, we’ll take a closer look at the required modifications in your production line for the automatic application of the carry handle.



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Does the mode of application affect the carry handle’s performance?

Whether your mode of application is manual, semi-automatic, or automatic, there will be no noticeable change in the performance of the product. A handle will have the same technical specifications. For instance, the adhesive type, shear strength, and maximum tolerable weight will always be the same. Carry handle type will be designed together with Davik professionals in accordance to your pack characteristics.

The manual option is for businesses with lower production volumes, specialized retail outlets, or for testing the market before switching to an automatic option. Some brands prefer to rely on the manual or semi-automatic application while introducing the carry handle to a new market. This practice allows them to gauge the consumer’s response to the addition before investing in changing their production line.

Integrating an automatic applicator in any production line

One of the most compelling selling points of the carry handle is the convenience it offers. It is compatible with all applicator machines available in the market. Davik does not handle the sales of applicators but can recommend machinery manufacturers based on previous experiences.

Before coming up with a solution for your product line, any applicator supplier will need some information about your existing setup. Each production line has its own set of constraints and requirements, so it’s better to plan and minimize the chances of errors.

Some of the crucial data you are expected to provide is listed below:

1. Product description and dimensions

All the physical properties of your package are crucial for the machine manufacturers to come up with the most suitable solutions. The dimensions, along with the type of material and the overall weight must be a part of your description. Providing photos of the product provides clarity.

2. Required speeds

The speed of the production line varies due to product sizes (smaller containers are filled more quickly than larger ones), actual capacity used, state of the equipment, etc.

Identifying a required packaging speed and selecting the appropriate machinery is an important step. A slow applicator will affect the entire production line and reduce your output.

However, opting for a faster than required model will cost more. Machinery should be dimensioned for the fastest speed required in terms of handles/minute. This is generally the speed needed for the smallest size product (in terms of volume for each container) and the smallest multipack size (a pack of four is generally processed faster than a pack of six or eight) plus a factor of Overspeed (10%-20%). 

3. Handle position

There are multiple ways of using the carry handle on your package. For instance, you are free to join the front and back panels of a rectangular carton or use the two sides depending on your vision. An applicator can also be fabricated for packages with a wide or unusual design. So you can choose any relative position you want.

Again, an easy way to be clear about this is to put a strip of tape or paper onto the product in the position the carry handle would be.

It’s also important for you to describe how the products move down the line at the place where handle application equipment would be installed. This is to ensure the correct handle position. In the case of rectangular packages, the products are either short-side leading (SSL) or long-side leading (LSL).

The applicator will then be designed according to your selected handle position. It will either operate in the parallel or perpendicular direction of the conveyor.

4. Visual media

Nowadays, most manufacturers will ask you to send accompanying photographs and videos to reduce the margin of error. Photographs of the package, along with a video of the area where the applicator will be installed can help the machine manufacturers extract the needed information.

5. Handle type

The carry handle is not a homogeneous product. Davik gives you complete freedom to design the carry handle according to your vision. You may choose the material used for the grab insert, as well as the printed design. You can choose classic or more sustainable versions of the product. Everything according to your needs and market requirements.

Customizing the carry handle would then need your automatic applicator to be modified accordingly. For instance, a comfort-handle with a foam padding is thicker than the usual handles. Similarly, a thicker and wider adhesive tape is often used for heavier packages. You’ll need to share all these technical details with the machine manufacturers, so your changes can be accommodated in the design.

6. Available space

Most manufacturers recommend sending a CAD drawing of the entire packaging setup so their engineers can identify all the constraints and space requirements. Most top-tier automatic applicators have a small footprint and can be easily integrated into a modern production line.

Final thoughts

Intense competition exists in the consumer market. Brands that don’t adapt to the changing demands of the market are often left behind. Adding the carry handle by Davik in your products and integrating an automated system in your production line may sound overwhelming at first. However, the process becomes simpler and more reliable with guidance from experts in the field.

Davik has been in the industry for more than two decades and has a dedicated team of experts to support you. From working on the technical details of your adhesive tape to recommending the correct machinery for automatic application, you will be covered on every step of the way.

Davik would like to thank William Gwynn of Karlville for his contribution to this article


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carry handle tape

How Davik’s Carry Handle Tape Becomes a Part of your Product Package

In its essence, the carry handle tape is a simple and versatile product that is suitable for multiple applications and requires no additional investment to implement. It has numerous advantages for different brands. From giving you marketing freedom to keeping your customers comfortable, the simple add-on can have a significant impact on your product’s performance.

We have extensively covered the various benefits of using the carry handle tapes in the previous posts. In this article, we’ll take a look at the process of making the carry handle tape a part of your package.  


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From Concept to Shelves: The process of adding Davik’s carry handle tape to a product

The entire process can be divided into three distinct phases. In each phase, Davik’s experts closely work with you and only proceed after approval.

Stage 1: Pre-production

The first phase starts when you become interested in using the carry handle in your product and contact Davik. After the initial inquiries, you’ll be asked to fill a form to start the process. At this stage, you don’t need to have all the details as we aim to get a general idea of what you need.

The form will ask you for some basic information about your product. You’ll be required to answer questions about your product’s size, volume, existing handle, and the overall weight. You’ll also be asked to describe the packaging material you are currently using along with the temperature and humidity conditions of your production environment. The application of the carry handle can either be manual or automatic. In the initial questionnaire, you’ll be asked to choose one and to indicate the expected yearly quantity as well.

After filling the details, you’ll need to send us some samples of your package for testing. Davik requires at least 10 SQM of unused packaging material to conduct all necessary tests at their testing facility. Through physically testing the shear and adhesion of your material, the technical details for your solution are determined and sent to you along with a quote.

After approving the quote, you’ll receive some rolls as a sample. This is the final task of the initial stage. Once you’ve carried out all the tests on your end and are satisfied with the product, you’ll need to place the final order with Davik to start the production of your carry handle tapes, specially designed for your pack.

The timeline for this stage heavily relies on the courier. You’ll also need some time to check the sample you receive before approval. Davik will only need a maximum of 3-4 days to conduct the initial tests while the samples’ preparation can take about 2 weeks.

Stage 2: Production

The second phase starts as soon as you place the final order. In the order form, you’ll be asked to list out the complete details of the requirements. You’ll need to specify the graphics you want along with the packaging and shipping details. Davik team can assist you with the design. The final design of your carry handle, according to your instructions will be sent to you by email within 3 days and you’ll also receive a physical sample of the graphics design through courier within two weeks.

After having your signed approval of the design, all you’ll need to do is sit back and relax. Davik will immediately start the process of printing and production. 

Actual production starts after receiving the printed labels from the printing contractors. This can take up to 4 weeks. Davik has multiple checks to ensure that the prepared spools are exactly according to the technical datasheet. Davik ensures the quality of the products, under all required ISO standards. The entire production process can also take several weeks. 

In general, it can take Davik anywhere from 4-8 weeks after approval to prepare the order. Several factors may affect the timeline.

Stage 3: Delivery and application

This is the final stage of the carry handle tape’s journey. The pre-laminated spools are packed and shipped by Davik to your plant. The delivery time is dependent upon the type of delivery service type you selected along with the destination of the package. 

Once you receive the package, you’ll be ready to integrate the carry handle tape in your packaging line. For manual application, this product does not need any special arrangements or investment to set up. All you’ll need is an extra step at the end of the process to attach the carry handle tapes. For automatic application, there’s a need in installing a handle applicator on your site to complement the packaging line you currently use.  Whatever path you chose – now your product is ready to hit the shelves.

Final thoughts

Adding a unique solution like the carry handle tape to your product is easier than you probably thought. Carry handle tape addition will significantly upgrade your product and you will be the first to benefit from this change. 

Davik has a dedicated team of experts to help you go through the process and help you achieve the product goals you’ve set for yourself. Contact a Davik expert today to get started!

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Adhesive Carry Handle

The market of consumer goods is intense and most manufacturers compete over the smallest profit margins. A slight edge over competitors can give you a significant boost in terms of sales and customer retention. 

There are many product goals that industries focus on. For the sake of this article, we’ll only discuss the following. 

  • Reducing the overall packaging cost
  • Addressing the growing demand for eco-friendly practices
  • Making the package convenient for the consumers
  • Identifying and acting on innovative marketing opportunities

The adhesive carry handle by Davik is a unique and revolutionary product that caters to all the aforementioned product goals. In the following sections, we’ll discuss the benefits of the carry handle tape by Davik and how it can help advance your brand to the next level. 


Why Consider the Adhesive Carry Handle for your Product?

The adhesive carry handle is a versatile, simple, and effective solution that can boost your sales and make your product stand-out in any aisle. In simple terms, the carry handle is a unique product that checks multiple boxes when it comes to usefulness. 

Let’s take a detailed look at the qualities of Davik’s carry handle that help you fulfil all product goals discussed in the previous section.


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When it comes to product packaging, the carry handle eliminates the need for an elaborate package for any product. The handle has adhesive “legs” on both ends which can stick to many surfaces and is quite hard to tear off. Relying on this product by Davik means that you can save on added packaging materials for the initial wrap, which will ultimately reduce the overall packaging costs. 


Environment Friendly

Building on the previous quality, carry handles can also place your brand among those who care for the environment. It reduces the overall packaging material needed and makes plastic bags unnecessary. Modern customers appreciate brands with eco-friendly practices and you can appeal to them with the carry handle. Moreover, packaging material and plastics are a huge ecological challenge for every country. A significant percentage of plastics end up in a landfill or is dumped in the ocean, which can have severe consequences.


Customer Convenience

Another unique benefit of the carry handle by Davik is the convenience it offers the customer. The adhesive tape can sustain a lot of weight and makes it easier for the customers to carry bulky packages. It is especially useful for those who prefer to buy their essential groceries in bulk. Generally, add-ons focusing on consumer’s convenience are either expensive to set up or have other drawbacks. This unique product does not need you to make such compromises as it is both cheap and has no known drawbacks.

The Adhesive Carry Handle is Great For Marketing

promotional packagingAnother useful, but often overlooked benefit of the carry handle by Davik is for the marketing department. The handle gives you a much-needed extra space to put up a promotion or a memorable slogan. In departmental stores, similar products are usually kept together and it gets hard for brands to get noticed. The carry handle tape allows you to position yourself as a unique option. You also have the freedom to come up with promotions and discounts by combining products that compliment each other. This would increase your sales and might even increase your brand loyalty.  


Versatile Enough To Fit Your Existing Setup

One of the most incredible aspects of Davik’s carry handle is its versatility.

It can work with any industry or product and doesn’t require you to make changes to your existing setup. Depending on your application, you can apply the adhesive carry handle manually or automatically. The manual application allows you to start using the product immediately and test the response of the add-on before purchasing an automatic setup.


Suitable For A Variety of Materials

When it comes to adhesives, the surface it is being applied to – plays a major role. The adhesive carry handle is suitable for all common packaging materials like shrink wraps, PET, and standard cartons. Davik will use the technical details of your current packaging material and use the most suitable adhesive to ensure the best results. 

For the carry handle grab insert itself, you are free to choose between various options. You can use as a laminate regular paper, foam, non-woven fabric, or any other material for your carry handle. With Davik’s innovative capabilities, the possibilities are endless!


Irrespective of the industry, all products go through an intricate process before reaching the shelves. Companies spend a lot of time and resources on optimising and improving their value chain to gain the slightest edge over their competitors. With the carry handle, you can get the best results without spending huge capital on changing the existing packaging process. Davik has a dedicated team of experts that helps brands from conceptualisation to the actual application of the carry handle in their products. Contact a Davik expert now to get started.


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