agriculture pest control

The growing awareness of climate change has led to a domino effect within most industries. Agriculture is no exception. Customers are increasingly becoming more conscious about pesticides and other toxic chemicals used in the industry. After all, you are what you eat. 

In this situation, organic farming has been in the spotlight for a while. However, this farming system is expensive and has many issues. One of them is agriculture pest control, which is difficult to manage through organic methods alone. Pesticides, though harmful, are an effective countermeasure against common pests that can destroy crops and leave a major portion of your yield inedible. 


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The importance of pest control

Ask any farmer about the most hated part of their job, the answer you’ll most likely get is pests. These insects can be responsible for high yield loss and are very hard to stop. If left unchecked, Locusts, Rootworm, and other pests can leave behind destruction and food shortage that’s almost biblical in proportion. 

It’s why many in the agriculture industry resort to using common pesticides and insecticides based on chemical ingredients. These options provide good control most of the time when used wisely. And why not? Chemical pesticides can be used effectively and efficiently for pest control. It’s an ideal solution that actually works… but guess what, it comes with a catch! 

The use of many pesticides is a severe health risk. Depending on the type of pesticide used, it can result in short–term or even chronic effects on the consumer’s health. Exposure to such chemicals can lead to blindness, nausea, and, in some critical cases, even death. This is the reason why in many countries some of the harmful insecticide formulas are banned for usage in many areas across the world.  As awareness of these side effects grows, the need for a healthy alternative form of agriculture pest control grows as well. 

Thankfully, Davik has a solution

pest control solution

What is Catchy by Davik?

Catchy by Davik achieves everything that a commonly used pesticide does but without the adverse effects on the consumer’s health. In a nutshell, it’s a uniquely made dry adhesive that attracts and catches flying pests to protect your crops. 

Catchy is ideally made for greenhouses, tunnels, and net houses. If your farming operations include cannabis, indoor hydroponic farming, nurseries, vegetable crops, leafy greens, and other crops that are directly consumed, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more appropriate pest control system. Catchy can do that job easily. 

And the best part! You don’t have to worry about regular applications. Generally, Catchy remains effective for at least 6 months. 

Catchy has several other advantages listed in detail below. 

1 – Chemical Free

Catchy by Davik doesn’t use any chemicals. It’s designed to be a perfect addition to any farm and is 100% non-toxic. It can dramatically reduce the need for insecticide spraying while also providing adequate security to the crops. The adhesive tape leaves no residue behind on the crops, making them safe for consumption. The product can easily be used as a part of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) while having a significant impact and effectiveness.

2 – Usable in Harsh Conditions

The adhesive roller sheet is ensured to be effective even in extreme environments. Catchy was tested in the Judean Desert and prevailed against both cold nights and hot days. 

3 – Easy Installation

Catchy doesn’t waste your time. It comes with the glue already applied on the sheet and is sticky on both sides. For installation, all you need to do is simply hang the roller sheet in the needed area and you’re done! The roll itself is very easy to handle, thanks to special design, developed together with local farmers, thinking exclusively about their convenience in usage.

4 – Detection System 

One major advantage of Catchy is that it can be used as an early warning system for infestations. By giving a visual indicator of the types of pests and their population in the area, Catchy allows farmers to take early action against any suspected infestation. It actually alerts about any new pest population in the farm and also controls it by preventing extensive growth.

5 – Available in different colors

Depending on the type of pest, they are more likely to land on either blue or yellow surfaces. If you need an effective system against thrips, then Catchy blue is what you need. While on the other hand, Catchy Yellow is the solution for problems related to whiteflies, aphids, shore flies, also thrips and other kinds of pests. 

That’s not all, additional colors can also be arranged if needed.

Davik: Leading the way for sustainability in most industries. 

Davik is a leading name when it comes to sustainable packaging for a good reason. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking to reduce the carbon footprint of their packaging at the minimum price. Davik works in several industries such as Food & Beverages, Retail, Building & DIY, and others. 

The agricultural industry is another area where Davik offers multiple innovative solutions. From Catchy to GreenCarry and many others, Davik is the leading choice for many firms looking to make their operations more eco–friendly. 

Davik’s main specialization is the development and formulation of adhesive solutions. This is the area where Davik outstands and sometimes provides creative and effective solutions thanks to the knowhow and expertise of its R&D team.

Interested in learning more? You can contact Davik now and have an experienced and innovative team ready to help you find the most practical sustainable solution you need.



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GreenCarrry Sustainable packaging

No one can deny that plastics have many essential applications. However, single-use bags and other items create more harm than good. The packaging industry, the biggest contributor to plastic waste, is the focus area for many brands that are looking to reduce their environmental impact by moving towards sustainable packaging materials.

Adopting sustainable practices is the best way forward for all consumer brands. Minimizing environmental impact is the moral and social responsibility of every business. With sustainable packaging solutions, you can do it while improving your standing in the market. A win-win situation for everyone.  


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The demand for sustainable packaging materials

There is an increasing demand for brands to adopt sustainable materials because of growing awareness throughout the world. Many consumer segments in the developed countries are even willing to go for a more expensive alternative if it is eco-friendly. Today, brands are increasingly shifting towards sustainability and by 2025, the market for eco-friendly packaging is expected to grow by 43%.

In some areas, sustainable packaging is no longer optional due to local regulations. Many governments have either completely or partially banned the use of plastic bags in the retail environment. In areas where they are still allowed, customers are asked to pay extra for a plastic bag as a measure to discourage its use. 

This situation warrants a sustainable replacement for plastic bags that delivers the same convenience and portability without any harm to the environment. Davik has the perfect solution for you.

What does Davik offer?

The carry handle tape is a viable replacement for plastic bags. This product naturally becomes a part of your package and makes handling easier for the customer. Thereby, eliminating the need for plastic bags.

Davik, being the original developer of the carry handle, continues to innovate its solutions to deliver a better and more effective service to its customers. The original carry handle was a step above plastic bags because of its minimalist design and recyclability. However, it was still made from plastic. 

An alternative packaging solution, the GreenCarry, was developed from sustainable packaging materials and delivers the same performance with the least amount of plastic waste. The benefits of GreenCarry are described in full detail in the next sections. 

GreenCarrry sustainable packaging

1 – 100% plastic-free

The GreenCarry handle is 100% free from any plastic part. The entire design is paper-based to ensure that the package could be directly sent to recycling without sorting or separation. On average, only 10% of packaging material is recycled due to the intricate separation processes required. The seemingly small characteristic can drastically improve those numbers and make an actual difference.  

2 – Works just as well as the regular product

A common misconception about paper-based products is that they can’t perform as well as their plastic counterparts. The GreenCarry is designed on the same performance standards as a regular carry handle tape. The product can easily sustain loads up to 9 kg without any damage. If required, that capacity can also be increased in some cases. 

3 – Compatible with the existing machinery

Already using the carry handle? Don’t worry, you won’t have to invest any additional capital in new machinery. The GreenCarry can work with almost all the automatic applicators currently used in the industry after a few adjustments only. 

4 – Customizable

Thinking about running a promotion for the next holiday season or do you want to offer a discount bundle to your consumers? The sustainable carry handle can help you do all that by allowing you to change the overall dimensions of the handle and print your customized message for promotional packaging.  

5 – Cost-effective

Normally, sustainable alternatives with the same performance parameters cost a little extra. But that’s not the case with Davik’s GreenCarry. Adding this eco-friendly option does not require any unreasonable investments. In some cases, you can even save some money with this option as it reduces the overall material you need for the package. 

Davik: Preparing the world for a more sustainable future, one package at a time

Davik has been associated with the packaging industry for more than decades and continues to improve its partner’s experience with innovation and creativity. When it comes to sustainable packaging material, the GreenCarry is not the only product Davik offers. You have the option of combining this paper-based carry handle with a paper-based bundle tape to create a perfect eco-friendly pack. 

Similarly, even plastic products Davik has focused on sustainability. For example, the PE carry handle tape does not need sorting and can be recycled with shrinkwrap. Thanks to its experienced team, Davik can deliver the most effective and eco-friendly solution for any requirement or application. You can connect with a Davik expert today to learn how it can help your brand move towards a sustainable future. 


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pest control solution

Insects and pests have existed a lot longer than humans and have developed some unique evolutionary traits. Most insects have the inherent capability to process light beyond the visible spectrum as they use colors for identification, navigation, communication, and other tasks.

Scientists have studied the effect of colors on insect behavior and believe that most common pests respond positively to the colors yellow and blue (Blumthal et al, 2005). In the past, farmers used this knowledge of typical insect behavior to monitor pest populations using individual yellow sticky tags. However, the same concept today can be used as an effective method of pest control in crops.


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Traditional pest-control in crops and modern industry requirements

Since the advent of monoculture, farmers have  relied on chemical pesticides to control the pest population and protect their crops. However, research has revealed that total reliance on pesticides for pest control causes severe harm to both the consumers and to the environment.

Novel modern farming techniques are also ill-suited for pest-control based on chemical sprays. Hydroponics does not use soil and suspends crop roots in an aqueous solution. Since there is no protection, exposure of toxic pesticides can damage or kill the plant. Similarly, it’s crucial to ensure crops that are directly consumed– fruits, green veggies, or even cannabis, which is inhaled – do not have any toxic residues from pest control applications, as they are  dangerous for the consumers.

Today, consumers and governments are demanding the agriculture sector to significantly reduce their use of harmful pesticides. Agencies like the USDA and EFSA continue to limit the allowed rates of pesticides or even ban certain chemicals for crop protection and pest control. Similarly, the customers are also more aware of the danger and demand chemical-free and/or organic produce.

pest control in crops

Alternative pest-control methods

Many farmers rely on numerous alternative measures to protect their crops while minimizing pesticide use. Concepts like Integrated Pest Management (IPM) now use a combination of physical, chemical, and biological solutions to effectively control pest populations. 

Research reveals that yellow sticky insect traps are among the most effective alternative options (Pobozniak et al, 2020) & (Do Bae et al, 2015). Numerous studies confirm that common pests are attracted to yellow surfaces and ignore food sources of other colors. A study in 2015 proved this behavior when it showed how sap sucking pests continued to approach yellow flowers even while food sources of other colors were readily available. (Sathe et al, 2015) 

Sticky traps, in simple terms, are long adhesive sheets set up in the field or in the greenhouse and come in various widths and lengths providing different levels of protection. Their color and pattern attract the pests which fly onto the tape instead of landing on the crops and are trapped by the adhesive covering the surface. In most cases, these tapes can cope with the majority of an insect pest population in a greenhouse. This either eliminates the need for  using pesticides or reduces it significantly.

Catchy by Davik: A sustainable and effective method for pest control in crops

Catchy by Davik is an effective insect “Lure & Kill” based trap that uses a premium adhesive material to ensure long-lasting performance. Davik is known for its innovative and practical adhesive solutions that ensure user’s convenience without compromising on functionality. Catchy operates just like a regular tape and comes with the adhesive already applied to both sides to augment the protection and to provide user convenience. . 

Currently, Davik has two products under the Catchy brand name. 

  1. Catchy Yellow: Double-sided adhesive sheets in a bright yellow color to trap common flying pests like tobacco white fly, aphids, thrips, the common house fly and other species that are naturally attracted to yellow.
  2. Catchy Blue: Literature shows that many thrip species are also attracted to blue colors. For specific thrip infestations, the Catchy adhesive sheets also come in blue.. 

Both of these options have been tested by Davik in the extreme weather of the Judea Desert. They show excellent performance in varying temperatures, dusty areas, and other extreme conditions. The thick sheet and premium adhesive ensure long-lasting protection.. 

For greenhouses, net houses and other indoor farms, Catchy by Davik has a minimum lifespan of 6 months, which is incredible. The product also works effectively with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) protocols and does not hinder other pest control methods in the greenhouse, providing farmers the most efficient pest control for their crops with minimum drawbacks. 


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removable whiteboard sticker

Whiteboards are an essential part of the classrooms and many office environments. They are a perfect tool for teachers to transfer knowledge, or for coworkers to share different ideas and collaborate. Children also use them to have fun and create different drawings to stimulate their creative sides. The uses of a whiteboard are only limited by your imagination.

While whiteboards are awesome, they have some issues as well. They are permanent structures, have limited lifespans, and are costly to replace. 

That’s where removable whiteboard stickers come in. 

5 reasons why removable whiteboard wall stickers are better than regular whiteboards

A whiteboard sticker is a perfect replacement that eliminates all the issues traditional whiteboards have. They can stick to any surface and allow you to write, present, or doodle without leaving any permanent mark. Generally, removable whiteboard stickers have received a positive response from the market. There are multiple reasons behind that, but the following five are the most important. 

1 – Whiteboard stickers are more portable

Imagine wheeling in a whiteboard stand to every meeting you go to. Sounds impractical, right? 

Removable whiteboards stickers, however, are a perfect choice if you want to set up a quick surface to enhance your presentations. Before the application, the sticker can be rolled and carried around without needing any stand or additional equipment.  

2 – They are more cost-effective

Traditional whiteboards are more expensive to set up and maintain. Their high original cost aside, even installing them would require you to prepare the wall and frame it. Even then, the whiteboard will need to be replaced after some time. Removable whiteboard stickers deliver the same performance at a fraction of a cost. You won’t need any significant investment to buy them, and you can stick them on any surface. 

3 – Setting up a whiteboard sticker requires less time

Building on the last point, whiteboard stickers also require almost no time for installation. Just select a suitable surface and stick the removable whiteboard to get started. The whole process will only take a minute. 

4 – Removable whiteboards are more convenient

Naturally, the ability to take a working whiteboard anywhere you go would be more convenient. The removable peel and stick whiteboards do not need any tools or time for assembly. Simply clean the surface to remove and dust particles and you’re good to go.

Davik enhances the overall convenience of users with a variety of distinguishing features. UNDO by Davik comes with the company’s proprietary no-stain technology which makes it extremely easy to clean the whiteboard after use. The removable whiteboard also comes with a free slide cutter, so you can choose the size you need, and boxed packaging for convenient handling and use. 

5 – They deliver unmatched versatility to the users

Removable whiteboard stickers are a perfect solution for any environment. From classrooms to conference tables, and offices, these stickers make sharing ideas and collaborating more fun for everyone. Davik has developed a versatile adhesive formula that works perfectly on all surfaces (except lime paint) and remains attached as long as you need. 

Wait! Would a whiteboard sticker damage my wall?

That’s the best part. Davik has developed a unique adhesive glue that never leaves any residue and doesn’t damage the surface. No matter how long the removable whiteboard was attached to the surface, you’ll be able to remove it easily and your wall/glass would be as good as new.

UNDO is a premium removable whiteboard backed by Davik’s decades-long expertise in the adhesive market. It is a perfect solution for any situation and can cater to the requirements of schools, offices, daycares, gyms, restaurants, and other environments. The PVC-free removable whiteboard guarantees high performance and strives to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with its quality. UNDO by Davik is now available on Amazon, so you get the premium removable whiteboard at your doorsteps all over the world.   


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resealable finger lift

A variety of consumer products are designed to last for some time. No one uses a pocket tissue pack in one go – except when there is a huge mess – or finishes an entire pack of cigarettes in one seating. But the question is; How do you maintain the sterility and freshness of a product after opening the package? 

The resealable finger-lift tape is an innovative product that can be opened or closed numerous times without losing its adhesion. The self-adhesive tape has a separate non-adhesion zone, which allows users to find the beginning of the tape and take it off conveniently.



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Davik also allows you to customize the product according to your requirements. You can vary the length, width, and non-adhesive area of the tape. The adhesive formula works well with all common packaging materials, and Davik can also develop a tailor-made solution because of its experience and capabilities.

Following are some common applications of the resealable finger-lift tape:

  1. Hygiene products / Tissue packs: The resealable tape is an excellent addition to tissue packs and other hygiene products. Your customer will get the mental satisfaction that the product remains sterile.  
  2. Tea, coffee, and other food items: Resealable tapes are an excellent choice for food items. Just take the amount you need from the pack and reseal it to maintain its freshness.
  3. Cigarettes: Tobacco’s taste and feel are directly associated with their freshness. Many cigarette packages now use resealable tapes to ensure a better, long-lasting taste for the customers.  

Benefits of resealable tapes

External packaging is often the first point-of-contact between the customer and a product. So, you must ensure that the packaging is attractive and convenient for the users. Any business using Davik’s resealable finger-lift tape can enjoy numerous advantages over its competitors. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Customer’s satisfaction through multi-time resealing
  • Finger lift allows convenient opening and closing of the tape
  • Highly flexible use for tissues, food packages, cigarettes, etc
  • Hygienic and toxin-free
  • No damage to the packaging

Want to know more about the benefits of Davik’s resealable tape? Read this.

How is one resealable finger-lift tape different from other options?

There are numerous resealable tapes available, but a few qualities make Davik the most unique finger-lift tape manufacturer in the market. Other resealable tapes come with a lot of issues that negatively affect your customer’s experience.

For instance, many consumers have a hard time finding the beginning of an applied tape. Even if they find it, the adhesion is so strong that users have to scratch the tape multiple times. The adhesive force can either be too weak or too strong. Weak adhesives can leave your pack unsealed after the first use, and strong adhesion leaves a residue.

Finding the perfect balance is crucial for ensuring the best consumer experience. Davik, being a top-tier finger-lift tape manufacturer, can resolve all common issues.

The resealable tape by Davik has a non-adhesive end which can be used to pull the tape easily. Similarly, Davik uses a top-of-the-line water-based adhesive formula in its resealable finger lift tapes, which remain as good as new even after multiple uses. In addition to having excellent adhesive properties, Davik’s resealable tape is also UV-resistant and does not damage the pack, which is a testament to its excellent quality.

Davik acrylic water based plant is certified for food contact by ISO22000. It enables the usage of the tape in multiple variations, including food and other packages requiring food contact certification.

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Click here to read more about Davik’s resealable finger lift tape.

eco friendly

When it comes to the environmental impact of any industry, only a few sectors can hold a candle to packaging. It is estimated that over half of the world’s trash comes from plastic packaging materials and the number will continue to rise if appropriate measures are not taken. 

Popular juice boxes, milk cartons, soft drink bottles, and many other food items unnecessarily rely on plastic materials, especially when those come wrapped with some sort of shrink. Moreover, the plastic bags these items come with make up a significant portion of the packaging waste, most of which is discarded into landfills or oceans. This has been a menace for the environment as plastic does not decompose and can potentially create numerous ecological problems.


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Modern businesses are now actively looking for innovative ways to curb down the negative impact of their packaging. Eco-friendly packaging, which was only a buzzword a few years ago has now become a necessity. Consumers, lawmakers, and other governmental agencies are now pressuring brands to adopt sustainable packaging solutions.

Davik’s eco-friendly solutions

For food packaging and other consumer applications, Davik presents the most innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that save cost, energy, and reduce the reliance on plastics.

Davik was the first company to introduce the carry handle tape – a viable and sustainable replacement of plastic bags that offers no compromise on the overall convenience of your customers. As a matter of fact, the performance of the carry handle is significantly better than a regular plastic bag when it comes to bulky and awkward products.

Davik has been continuously improving the carry handle concept as well. Today, it’s the only company that offers a 100% plastic-free carry handle solution called the GreenCarry. This paper-based carry handle comes with the same features as a regular version and can easily sustain weights up to 12 Kgs. 

Another excellent eco-friendly product that can reduce your customer’s reliance on plastic materials is the bundle-tape for multi-packs, 6-packs, and other similar products that use plastic shrink. Davik has been in the market for the last 3 decades and has the adhesive expertise to handle all the common packaging material used in the industry. Just like the GreenCarry, Davik also offers a paper-based bundle tape variant that is more eco-friendly and does not compromise on the customer experience.

Both of these eco-friendly packaging solutions are excellent on their own. However, combining them ensures the ultimate experience for the consumers. The bundle tape can hold the pack together and the GreenCarry can be used to lift the package, thereby eliminating the use of plastic bags entirely. 

The business advantages of Davik’s packaging solutions

Apart from playing a significant role in countering the adverse environmental impact of plastic packaging, Davik’s eco-friendly solutions make business sense as well because of the increasing demand for sustainable brands in the market. Many brands have successfully capitalized on this opportunity by being the first ones to adopt sustainable packaging. Resultantly, they were able to increase their market base and gain customer loyalty.

The benefits of integrating Davik’s eco-friendly packaging solutions (the GreenCarry and paper-based bundle tape) don’t end on the improved rapport with the consumers. Davik can advance any brand’s product goals in the following ways:

  • Improves market standing
  • Enhances customer convenience with minimal environmental drawbacks
  • Creates excellent marketing/promotional opportunities through customizable messaging 
  • Versatile for a variety of product applications
  • Stimulate long-term reduction in the overall packaging cost
  • Does not need a complete overhaul of the existing setup


To sum up, eco-friendly sustainable packaging solutions are no longer expensive as they can be implemented without needing any monumental changes. Most importantly, the consumers don’t need to face any inconveniences as well. These solutions are more than capable of handling all the consumer requirements and expectations. 

Implementing small changes like introducing Davik’s paper-based solutions can have a significant effect on a company’s environmental impact. On a wider scale, Davik’s GreenCarry handle and the bundle-tape can minimize the packaging industry’s reliance on plastics and benefit both the consumers and the brand.   


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resealable finger lift

Single-use plastics have been an environmental menace, and numerous industries are looking for ways to curb their use. The packaging industry stands as one of the largest contributors to environmental degradation today.

The convenient experience of plastic packaging is hard to replicate, but doing it is now a necessity. EPA states that landfills in the United States alone process a significant percentage of the world’s packaging waste, around 30.5 million tons. Today, almost 65% of all trash in the world is packaging material. Experts believe that this number can grow considerably in the absence of any concrete actions.

Consumer demand for Eco-friendly primary and secondary packaging materials

Thankfully, the demand for eco-friendly packaging is surging nowadays. Some consumer segments are even ready to pay a little extra for environment-friendly packaging materials. Even governments recognize the importance of eco-friendly practices and are incentivizing sustainable packaging through tax-rebates and other benefits. Moreover, using plastic bags for retail is banned in many major cities across the world. In such markets, brands compete to increase their consumer base through innovative and convenient packaging solutions like the carry handle.  

A study estimates that the market for sustainable packaging will go through a substantial growth of 43% by 2025. Shifting to eco-friendly packaging and friendly secondary packaging  is not only the ethical thing to do, but also makes economic sense.


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Paper-based carry handles: The perfect solution for secondary packaging

Davik is proud to be at the forefront of the sustainable packaging market and continues to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that are cost-effective and convenient. The GreenCarry paper-based carry handle is the latest product Davik offers to help your brand move towards plastic-free packaging.

Some of the benefits of the paper-based carry handle are listed below.

Sustainable and plastic-free

The GreenCarry is a premium product that is 100% free from any plastics or fibers. This quality makes it a perfect choice for your brand if you are aiming to significantly reduce your environmental footprint, and make a difference. 

Works just like a regular carry handle

Despite being made from paper only, the GreenCarry has the same capabilities as the regular carry handle tape. The premium adhesive material by Davik allows the paper-based carry handle to sustain heavy loads, around 12kg, without any issues. If needed – even heavier packages are possible to handle.

Can work with existing automatic applicators in the market

Are you an existing carry handle user? You might be concerned about the compatibility of the paper-based variant with your existing applicators. A lot of thought and capital goes behind selecting an automatic applicator for your plant and you don’t want to waste that. Don’t worry! Davik designed the GreenCarry Tape to seamlessly work with commonly available applicators in the market with minimal adjustments.


Similar to the regular carry handle tape, you can easily customize the paper-based variant according to your marketing requirements. You can easily change the dimensions of the handle and use the available space to run a promotion or send out an advertising message.

Davik: Your natural partner for sustainable packaging and secondary packaging applications

Davik Tapes has been associated with the packaging industry for more than two decades. Over the years, we have developed numerous innovative packaging solutions to ensure your customer’s convenience without any adverse effect on the environment. The carry handle is not the only Davik product with a paper-based variant. To keep your packaging 100% plastic-free, you can combine the GreenCarry with Davik’s bundle tape for creating environment-friendly packages.

The paper-based variants are not the only environment-friendly options by Davik. We strive to play our part in creating a trend of sustainable industrial practices through our focus on recyclability. Davik is proud to be one of the few companies in the market that offer recyclable adhesive solutions at the most competitive price. Click here to learn more about our product range or contact a Davik expert today.  


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carry handle key players

The consumer market is a challenging space where even the smallest edge can significantly improve a brand’s standing. Decision-makers have the unique challenge of maintaining profit ratios and keeping their customers comfortable through innovative and convenient packages.

Moreover, modern brands also prioritize sustainable practices and focus on reducing the impact packaging materials have on the environment. Only a few items available in the market can claim to be cost-effective, sustainable, and convenient. Carry handle tape is one of them.

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Are you looking for a primary carry handle supplier or need an alternate choice for your business? Making the correct choice is crucial and you can’t help but feel apprehensive about approaching any provider without key information. Davik being the natural choice for most applications – due to its global reach, overall quality, and sustainability – believes that you should know all the players in the market to make an informed choice.

Factors to look for when selecting a carry handle supplier

Whenever you go through the process of selecting a primary or secondary supplier, you must base your decision on the following crucial factors to avoid issues and delays down the line.

1. Customized solutions

It’s impossible to approach any problem with a one-size-fits-all approach. If you are using conventional packaging materials, it is ideal for you to have a supplier that can offer customized solutions to ensure perfect tack and consistent performance. R&D capabilities with whatever concerns adhesives are very important, especially in order to find better and more customized solutions to special or hard for tack materials.

2. Expert guidance and additional services

Another important parameter for selecting a supplier is the additional services you get along with the product. Most brands starting to use the carry handle want some sort of guidance regarding the application from their supplier. If you approach an experienced team that has been in the market for a long time, you’ll be able to use their expertise and avoid some common mistakes that might delay or hinder the deployment of your new package. 

3. Sustainable products and compliance with standards

Modern consumers and governments appreciate brands that follow sustainable practices that reduce the overall burden on the environment. In many countries, manufacturers can enjoy certain privileges and tax-breaks for using eco-friendly materials. Moreover, caring for the environment is also the moral and ethical thing to do even if you are not getting any financial benefits out of it.

The carry handle tape from any supplier comes with some environmental benefits. However, you can go the extra mile and select someone who offers recyclable packaging and uses sustainable production methods to further reduce the overall carbon footprint of their products. 

4. Industrial relationships

Introducing any change in an existing setup requires input from various parties. If you opt for automatic application of the carry handle in your package, you’ll need an excellent applicator as well. An experienced tape supplier can make this job easier and connect you with a suitable manufacturer and help you out with other common challenges. There’s a definite advantage that every company specializes in its best (either adhesives or machinery), while having good relationships with professional companies who can complement the job.

5. Range of other adhesive products 

Availability of other adhesive solutions does not have a direct influence on the carry handle. However, it can be a great indicator of the company’s expertise and knowhow. In some cases, you can create even better packaging solutions by combining the carry handle and other adhesive products that complement it. For example,  bundle roll tape for multipacks.


carry handle tape

Other Major carry handle producers in the market

Over the years, many international producers have designed carry handles for retail and consumer products. Various factors like the available adhesive solutions and the product range determine which supplier is the best fit for your company. The following organizations have the largest share in the market of carry handle tapes. 


Alimac is a famous carry handle supplier based in Italy. The company started its operations in 1990 and has a wide product range for different applications. Alimac has developed its adhesive formula, which they claim can work with most materials.

In addition to making and supplying the carry handle tapes, Alimac distinguishes itself by providing its own automated applicators under one roof. The company claims to have 20+ applicator models for different applications that are capable of handling about 100 packs per minute in a single lane configuration.


Supertape is another popular manufacturer of the carry handle that started working in 1962. The Dutch company specializes in various kinds of tapes and other adhesive products for different applications and uses a one-for-all adhesive formula that can work with most packaging materials. 

The carry handle tapes are not the only product Supertape has. The company has a variety of other products for industrial, packaging, construction, and domestic applications. Some of their products also have food-grade certifications and comply with international standards. 


3M is a well-known conglomerate that operates in several countries and serves numerous industries through its extensive range of products. The company started its operations in 1902 and since then has grown into what it is today. The carry handle tape is among the various products 3M offers to its clients.

Logo Tape

Well-known manufacturer of adhesive tapes, operating mainly in Europe since 1998. They have a few daughter companies in European countries, successfully cooperating with other companies in the industry. Logo tape group can offer a wide range of adhesive tapes, not only carry handle tape. 

Davik Tapes

Davik is a well-known manufacturer of the carry handle tape that operates from Israel. It’s been in operation since 1983 and has global recognition for its unique and sustainable adhesive solutions. Davik specializes in the carry handle applications and is the first company to develop this unique concept for wider applications. Moreover, Davik has an active R&D department that creates a specialized adhesive solution for the needed surface by adjusting the glue properties.

Davik is not only limited to the carry handle tapes. You can find a variety of adhesive solutions that can assist you in achieving your packaging goals easily. Moreover, you can design your own solution with Davik. The expert team accompanies you throughout the process and can create a unique solution according to your requirements and material properties.


There are a few additional companies producing carry handle tape, operating mainly in Western and Eastern Europe: Induplast, Varteck, Boston tapes, Rynag. Each one of them are good companies with certain advantages.

Key takeaways

Procurement managers have an important job,  selecting the most appropriate supplier ensures seamless processes in the later stages. Davik understands that and is committed to helping you through the selection process by identifying potential choices and their offerings. If you want to learn more, check out our articles about the process of adding the carry handle to your existing package or how to select the best automatic applicator for your plant. 


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carry handle tape

We have extensively covered how incredible the carry handle is. The adhesive add-on is eco-friendly, cost-effective, versatile, and convenient for any brand and application. Moreover, the carry handle tape also has a lot of marketing potential while serving as promotional packaging. It can also make a significant impact on the overall consumer experience of a brand.

In the following article we will use the example of some top brands across different industries and see how they use the carry handle to improve their customer experience and boost their sales.


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Daisy Brand Sour Cream

Daisy Brand is a perfect example of a manufacturer using innovative ways to increase sales and keep their customers happy. The carry handle tape allows this brand to target multiple goals without investing a significant amount. Daisy brand uses the handle to create exciting multipacks of its best-selling items like sour cream and whipped cream. Additionally, consumers in a supermarket tend to prefer products that stand out on the shelf. The innovative design and the option of getting multiple products at a slight discount encourage the customers to select the Daisy Brand and drive up their sales. 

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Coca Cola Israel

Everyone’s favorite drink – Coca-Cola – relied on bulky and inconvenient cartons in the past. The packaging was expensive and inconvenient for everyone involved in the supply chain. To address these issues, Coca-Cola decided to use shrink wrap and a carry handle. This innovative combination made it easier for consumers to handle the pack and was better for marketing. The company also benefited because the combined cost of shrink wrap and the carry handle was lower than carton packs. 


carry handle tape 

Evian Water

Evian Water brand decided to stand out from its competition by using the carry handle tape on their 4-packs. This was an immediate hit as consumers responded well to the innovative packaging and the convenience it offered. The carry handle also allowed Evian Water to increase its marketing effort and establish itself as a premium water brand.

carry handle tape


Marketing bottled water is tricky because of the product limitation and the availability of many options in the market. Lajhtiza, a water brand based in Albania, has been using the carry handle for a few years to keep its market share through innovative packaging. The brand introduced the concept of the carry handles in Albania, which was well-received by the customers and boosted their overall sales.


carry handle tape

Ocean Spray

Ocean Spray is a premium juice brand in the United States. Known for their delicious cranberry and grapefruit juices, they enjoy a loyal customer base that appreciates the brand’s sustainable practices and organic products. To enhance the customer’s experience and maintain their eco-friendly reputation, ocean spray may now use paper-based carry handle tapes, which have become available in the market just recently. They have all the benefits of a regular carry handle and can be recycled as well together with a carton juice pack.


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Lily brand

Toilet paper rolls are an essential commodity that most people prefer to buy in bulk. For retail stores selling large packs, the packing was always an issue. They relied on plastic bags for their customer’s convenience, but those bags had their fair share of issues. The carry handle tape is a unique solution Lily brand implemented to make handling easier for customers and the retail stores without any environmental drawbacks. The add-on allowed the brand to stand out and grab a significant market share as most people tend to grab the first package they notice.


carry handle tape

Address your packaging issues with Davik!

Changing a product’s packaging is not a simple job as multiple areas need attention. You might have to invest in new machinery, train the workforce, and introduce changes in your production line.

Going through all that is worth-it as packaging has a crucial role in any product’s marketing effort. Apart from the visual presentation, the packaging delivers a brand’s message, influences the customer’s experience, and has a direct impact on the overall production cost.

Davik understands how important packaging is for the sales of any product and has created a solution to introduce meaningful and effective changes in your packaging at the lowest cost. The adhesive carry handle tape by Davik can work with all common packaging materials, and you can also get a custom solution for your special applications.

On top of that, Davik also has an experienced team to help implement your vision and guide you on every step of your carry handle journey. Connect with the best carry handle suppliers in the market today to get started.


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eco friendly carry handles

The use of plastics, especially single-use plastics, has devastating consequences. Globally, almost 300 million tons of plastic products are produced every year, and a significant portion out of it is used for packaging. These plastics then end up in landfills and the ocean, where it creates numerous environmental problems.

Today, it is the responsibility of all businesses, irrespective of their industry, to come up with ways to reduce their reliance on plastics. The significance of the retail sector can’t be overstated. It is the commercial endpoint of any supply chain, and the first in-person interaction a business has with its customers.

The essential role retail organisations enjoy in the market means that they need to play their part by curbing the use of plastics. While retail stores generally don’t have a say in the packaging decisions of different brands, they can still make a difference by targeting plastic bags and other single-use items by replacing them with eco-friendly options like the carry handle.

There are several alternatives that retail stores can use to replace plastic bags. However, almost all of them demand several compromises and some additional costs to maintain the same comfort levels for the customers.

For retail environments looking to adopt sustainable practices, the carry handle is a perfect product.

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The retail world in a war against single-use plastics

According to a survey, 88% of the consumers believe that retail organisations need to step up and do more to reduce the number of plastics used today. Many retail businesses have, in response, shifted to greener, more environmentally friendly packages to negate the damage. This is no longer a matter of social responsibility only. Consumer groups are actively advocating environmental issues, while many governments are incentivising green practices.

What does the law say?

The harmful effects of plastics have forced many governments around the world to get involved and address the issue through different legislations, recycling programs, and green incentives. Many countries and states have banned the use of single-use plastics, and retailers, with brands like Unilever and Coca-Cola, are even looking to make their shelves plastic-free.

In the United States, California, Hawaii, New York, and many other states have imposed a state-wide ban on single-use plastic bags. To encourage consumers and retail stores to come up with new innovative solutions, states are even imposing a tax on the use of paper bags – which are somewhat better than plastics but still are bad for the environment.

Overall, governments are fighting on two fronts. They are aiming to make all plastics reusable, recyclable, or compostable and are looking to eliminate the unnecessary use of plastics through alternative methods. That is where the carry handle shines.

Eco Friendly Carry handle tape: The perfect solution

One major way retailers can use to achieve their environmental goals is by using the Carry handle tape. Carry handles are perhaps the most natural and effective alternatives that can be immediately deployed in the retail sector. They are a sophisticated option that not only reduces consumer’s overall reliance on plastic bags but also is extremely comfortable and convenient for everyone.

Some of the unique qualities of the carry handle tape that make is a suitable choice for the retail sector are:

1 – Convenient to use: The carry handle tape is extremely convenient to apply. Each handle comes with two adhesive legs which stick to your package, while in the center of such a strip, there is a grab insert produced from paper or other material enabling convenient lifting of a pack.  

2 – Lightweight, but sturdy: The carry handle may sound like a weak add-on, but that’s not true. Davik’s carry handle tape, for instance, comes with the inherent ability to sustain about 40 pounds without any damage. This is more than enough for almost all retail environments as most packages tend to weigh less. 

3 – Cost-effective: The carry handle tape does not have a long list of prerequisites, so you won’t have to make any significant investments outside the actual cost of the product. Especially for retails – there’s an option instead of automatic application, to apply the handle manually, while having them detached used the perforation between each handle on a roll.

4 – Versatile: Versatility is one of the biggest reasons why some people still cling to plastic bags despite their obvious drawbacks. The carry handle tape is just as versatile. From shrink wraps to cartons and food bags, the adhesive handle can attach to almost all the surfaces you may find in a retail environment.  

5 – Customizable: Running a unique promotion, or want your customers to know about a new location? The carry handle has got you. The handle is a perfect spot for your retail store to send a message and add a unique flair for the customers.  

How Covid-19 changed consumer behavior

The ongoing pandemic has completely changed the rules of engagement globally. The consumer who was concerned about sustainability, green practices, and other factors in the past is only worried about one thing – not getting the virus. This trend has changed the way people shop with more people limiting their visits by buying groceries in bulk and trying their best to reduce the contact points.

The fact that the virus survives on different surfaces has also affected the plans of retail outlets. Now, many outlets that encouraged customers to bring their own bags are not allowing them and are back to using plastic bags. This has caused a surge in the amount of plastic waste throughout the world and poses several threats to the future. 

Luckily, the design and features of the carry handle tape by Davik make it a perfect choice for the post-pandemic world. The handle is quite sturdy and can sustain a lot of weight (about 18 Kg). In addition, it has a very specific point of contact with the product. To know more about how the carry handle is enhancing the in-store experience after the pandemic, check out this article

Final thoughts

To conclude, the carry handle tape is among a few eco-friendly, convenient, and practical options that can bring forth a positive change without burdening the retail sector with additional costs. It’s versatile and strong enough to meet all the demands of a retail environment and can even be used as an effective marketing tool. 

Interested in trying out the carry handle tape? Contact Davik today to get started. 

Davik is one of the oldest and most reliable carry handle producers, who has been in the market for more than two decades, and has served numerous customers in the retail and manufacturing sector. No matter what your requirements are, Davik has the expertise and the capability to meet your expectations.



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