Bundle tapes – The Perfect Solution for your Multipacks

Retail is a dynamic industry and companies need to change their promotions and bundles according to the market’s situation and demand. Celebrations like the Holidays, New-years, Halloween, and many others come with unique opportunities for brands to connect with the consumers and attract them towards their product. That’s why you always see retail stores and brands running special sales in different situations. In many promotional bundles, organizations create multipacks of different products that are often bought together. Some brands even collaborate with others on special occasions. For instance, you might have seen a bundle of Turkey and stuffing mix in your local ...
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secondary supplier

Looking for an Alternate Carry Handle Supplier?

Procurement is a tricky job. Multiple factors determine the timely arrival of all key components for your plant’s operation. In many cases, the unavailability of a single part can hinder production and cause several problems at a later stage. To avoid that, it is standard practice to retain multiple suppliers to reduce the dependency on a single source.  If you are already using carry handles in your products, then you know how it helps to advance your product goals . For carry handles as well, it is recommended to rely on alternate carry handle suppliers to keep the production going without any delays.  When you’ll start looking for a secondary supplier, ...
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packaging solution

Packaging solutions for heavy and awkward products

Any marketing expert will tell you that regardless of how good your product’s quality is compared to your competitors, it will never sell unless it’s in an equally pleasing packaging. The importance of appealing and convenient packaging solutions can never be underestimated. But for a majority of small-sized products, finding the right kind of packaging isn’t as big of an issue.  For bulkier products, finding the right package becomes more of a challenge. Brands have the responsibility of keeping the customers happy and making their product stand-out from their competition through their packaging, marketing campaigns, and after-sale services. Delivering a quality product ...
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removable whiteboard stickers

Top Five Benefits of Removable Whiteboard Stickers

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis has shaken the world to its core. With each passing day, kids, teachers, and other professionals are struggling to work from home effectively. In this situation, removable whiteboard sticker is an innovative and convenient solution to help parents pass the time with the kids and assist students and professionals with their presentation and brainstorming needs. What are removable whiteboard stickers?  Just like its name, a removable whiteboard sticker is an adhesive sheet capable of sticking to various flat surfaces. Be it a table or a wall, you can apply the sheet to any surface without using any tape, glue, or other things.  ...
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carry handle

Considerations while selecting an automatic applicator for your carry handle

The carry handle by Davik is an excellent product that has taken multiple industries by storm. This strong and convenient add-on has various benefits and can improve your product’s performance in the market. In the previous post , we went through the entire process of adding Davik’s carry handle tape to your product. Building on that, we’ll take a closer look at the required modifications in your production line for the automatic application of the carry handle.     Does the mode of application affect the carry handle’s performance? Whether your mode of application is manual, semi-automatic, or automatic, there will ...
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carry handle tape

The Journey of Davik’s Carry Handle Tape – From Concept to Shelf

How Davik’s Carry Handle Tape Becomes a Part of your Product Package In its essence, the carry handle tape is a simple and versatile product that is suitable for multiple applications and requires no additional investment to implement. It has numerous advantages for different brands. From giving y ou marketing freedom to keeping your customers comfortable, the simple add-on can have a significant impact on your product’s performance. We have extensively covered the various benefits of using the carry handle tapes in the previous posts. In this article, we’ll take a look at the process of making the carry handle tape a part of your package.     ...
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Adhesive Carry Handle

Advance Your Product Goals With Davik’s Adhesive Carry Handle

The market of consumer goods is intense and most manufacturers compete over the smallest profit margins. A slight edge over competitors can give you a significant boost in terms of sales and customer retention.  There are many product goals that industries focus on. For the sake of this article, we’ll only discuss the following.  Reducing the overall packaging cost Addressing the growing demand for eco-friendly practices Making the package convenient for the consumers Identifying and acting on innovative marketing opportunities The adhesive carry handle by Davik is a unique and revolutionary product that caters to all the aforementioned ...
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promotional packaging

Promotional Packaging with the Carry Handle Tape for Increased Sales

Visit a departmental store anywhere in the world. You’ll notice that they all have one thing in common. All similar products are kept on the same shelf/aisle for the customer’s convenience. This presents an interesting challenge for marketing professionals as they need to make their product stand out.  In this article, we will be discussing how promotional packaging can be the secret ingredient to your marketing strategy. It can boost your sales by setting your product apart from others and the packaging change-over is easier than you can imagine.    The Homogenous Shelf: A Marketer’s Problem The aforementioned problem of a product ...
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Splice tape

How to Overcome Your Splicing Challenges and Achieve Peak Production Efficiency

If you produce non-woven fabric or use it during production, the chances of dealing with splice tapes are extremely high. Splice tape ensures a continuous workflow by combining the multiple rolls of fabric in your production. However, there are multiple challenges that come along with the splicing process. For example: How can you ensure that any part of the splice area does not end up in your final product? Can the tape bond endure pressures applied from the machines in your production line? Is the tape flexible enough to not cause damage? In the following article, we’ll discuss the qualities and benefits of Davik's Splice Tapes and how you ...
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In-store Customer Experience

In-store Customer Experience: How Brands Can Adapt to a New Post-pandemic Reality

The current pandemic has brought unprecedented changes to the way businesses are conducted everywhere. Customers' behaviours and priorities regarding their in-store customer experience have changed overnight. The packaging industry has drastically affected and a real opportunity has been created to make the necessary changes and meet the consumer's new needs. In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the impacts of the Coronavirus on the packaging industry and how your brand can stay ahead of the curve by implementing a simple, yet effective change. A sudden change in the consumer's priorities The response of global consumers, combined with the ...
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eco friendly packaging

Eco-Friendly Packaging Considerations for 2020

As the world is becoming more environmentally conscious and socially responsible, brands are increasingly looking for ways to establish an eco-friendly association for the consumer.  In this article, we’ll briefly discuss the reasons and benefits of why your company should consider eco-friendly packaging. We only cover the why in a brief manner because that is the part you are likely already familiar with. This article’s main focus, however, will be on how. How your company can successfully make this shift and for it to be significantly more simple than you might have ever imagined. You might also realize how YOU can personally be responsible for increasing sales for the ...
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Catchy – Pest control system for cannabis industry

CATCHY, Davik’s latest product, is the first product in a new range of adhesive solutions for farmers and indoor growers around the world. Sticky glue traps have been used by farmers and pest scouts for many years in order to both detect agricultural insect pest presence and to monitor the pest population dynamics of these pests both in the field and greenhouse. Davik has developed a unique, long lasting, dry adhesive which captures flying insect pests. This adhesive is applied to various coloured roller sheets which are hung in indoor farming situations – protected cultivation greenhouses, insect proof net houses, indoor vertical leafy green growing structures, indoor cannabis ...
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Davik Resealable Finger Lift Tape – special and fully customized product

As far as hygiene industry products are concerned, there is no parameter more important to customer satisfaction than long – lasting product freshness. This is particularly true of tissue packs – after all no one likes to feel he is cleaning his nose with a dusty or contaminated material. Fortunately, our resealable finger lifts precisely ensure the tight closure necessary to maintain our most intimate accessories in a state we want to use them. But of course, an attractive external appearance is also of paramount importance in securing customer interest and loyalty. Fortunately, Davik's color printing and adhesive cover division is extraordinarily accurate, forming two parts of ...
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The Benefits of the Resealable Finger Lift tape

One of the frustrating situations is one where packaging of any product is opened and then a great deal of difficulty is created in re-closing the packaging. This is relevant to various products, from food products where packaging retains product freshness, to hygiene products where their sterility is of utmost importance throughout their use. The solution to this problem is a Resealable Finger Lift tape, which can be opened and reclosed multiple times. What is the Resealable Finger Lift tape? What are the benefits of this unique product? Who produces the product and where can it be obtained?   Multi-time resealing The benefits of multi-time resealing have been ...
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What are PSA Tapes?

Every single day, a new application of adhesive tapes has been discovered. PSA - Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, is the primary type of glue used for production of adhesive tapes, labels and more. Such products have various usages: adhesive tapes and labels are used in smartphones, computers, vehicles, at home, and in our office. In recent years, particular type of such tapes can be found in clothes. PSA can be adhered to many surfaces, as long as the surface is clean and dry. The tapes can be efficiently applied by lightly pressing them on surface. Application of PSA tape do not require activation of the glue by water, organic solvents or heat. The adherence strength is ...
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Carry Handle Tapes: A tiny innovation with massive packaging, marketing, sales and environmental impact

Carry Handle Tapes: A tiny innovation with massive packaging, marketing, sales and environmental impact Every time you go shopping and pick up a package of mineral water, or soft drinks, or even toilet paper, you handle carry handle tapes, composed from a polypropylene sheet, coated by an extra-durable glue specifically adapted to the packaging and its contents. Instead of shoving products into plastic bags and cardboard boxes, carry handle tapes enable you to conveniently carry shrink wrapped products back to your car and/or home. Not only do carry handle tapes minimize the packaging material and plastic usage required to handle products, they also: Reduce volume occupancy ...
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