Metal Detection Splicing Tape

Davik Splice Detection Tape was developed especially for production lines requiring detection and removal of splicing.

While splicing allows production lines to run efficiently and continuously, it introduces a new problem. The splice itself becomes a defective part of the product and might be packed, shipped and sold to final customers.

For a splice to be removed automatically, it must be designed to work accordingly with automatic identification measures.

DAVIK’s Splice Detection Tape was designed and constructed to do exactly that.

It performs both as a splice tape with good adhesion, and as detection tape for metal and optic sensors.

In Davik’s portfolio there are two main types of Splice Detection Tape:

  1. DS4935 – this tape is best for use for manually splicing where metal or visual detection is needed. Used  for narrow and wide web.
  2. DT4133 – this tape is best to be used with fast production lines (for flying splices) when metal or visual detection is needed. Excellent adhesion mainly for wide web.


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Metal Detection Splicing Tape

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