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UV resistant tape SP71130

This special adhesive tape has been developed for application on rough surfaces – and specifically for use outdoors. It provides outstanding resistance to direct sunlight for extended periods (even up to 12 months).

Unlike standard UV-resistant tape, our tape has three unique features:

  • Suitable for application on rough surfaces
  • Effectively seals at a wide application temperature range
  • High adhesion performance to PE (10 N/in.)

The tape is coated with a specially formulated adhesive with a high coating weight, which allows for application even on a low surface energy substrate (e.g., PE) and on surfaces that are not clean or smooth.

The tape combines several layers which together provide excellent functionality.


uv resistant tape


Selected Applications for Outdoor UV-Resistant Tape

  • Greenhouse repair
  • Construction
  • Photovoltaic cells
  • Bundling for outdoor storage
  • Agricultural products
  • Surface protection
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UV resistant tape SP71130

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