More than 20 years ago, Davik was one of the first companies worldwide who began producing today’s popular carry handle. Over the years, we have maintained our leadership with our unique adhesive formula coated on MOPP or BOPP films.

Here’s the short video showing the basics about carry handles’ concept:




  • Increases consumer satisfaction from the product.
  • Cost-saving: packaging with carry handle is cheaper compared to alternative packaging.
  • More secure handling of the product, especially large or oversized bundles or packages.
  • Additional advertising space on the handle itself.
  • Sustainability – reducing the usage of plastic, supporting clear environment goal (both by private labels and by retail).
  • Highly flexible in terms of packaging (measurement and application) & promotional message printing.


Who should consider using carry handle tape?

  • Beverage manufacturer
  • Toilet paper manufacturer
  • Any industry packing multipacks for final consumer
  • Retail – to use at cashier point for bulky packs
  • Manufacturing – to use during fast line production for different items
  • Delivery companies – for saving time for their employees
  • Manufacturers who sell co-pack of two different products
  • Manufacturers of bulky and heavy packs
  • Toys retail/manufacturer
  • And more…


Davik has multiple carry handle options, the usage of each depends on the intended way of usage, pack properties and more.

Fill out the QUESTIONNAIRE to find out which carry handle will represent for you the best option.


Davik offers different adhesive formula for shrink, carton, PET bottle and for pre shrink machines.

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Davik carry handles can be laminated with different material types for different grab feeling.

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Davik carry handles can be received in logs, adhesive spools, Pre laminated spools or pancakes.

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Davik carry handles can be applied manually or automatically.

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