For many years, the food and beverage industry uses our products, and part of our products were even specially designed for this specific industry.

  1. Carry handle tape – is well-known in the beverage industry and is also used in many products in the food sector. The handle tape can be used for beverage multipacks for water, sparkling beer and much more.

It will help the consumer – to easily grab the pack by one hand, and it will help the producer – to be a part of respectful batch of companies effecting positively the environment by serving the plastic reduction goal and by doing that even to reduce production cost.

In the food sector it is used by producers to sell 2 pouches pack together (co-pack), in heavy packs and with fresh fruits and vegetables. In fact, in can be applied on any pack.

  1. Bundle tape – can help to pack together several cartons/ bottles and to be removed with no damage to the pack. It is usually used with the carry handle.
  2. Deep freezer tape – used to close cartons in low temperature and to store them in freezer. The biggest advantage for this industry is that it is solvent free tape and yes, the cartons will be closed.
  3. Carton sealing tapes – we have different tapes in different thickness and adhesion. All of them are can be applied automatically and manually. All of them can be received in various lengths and widths. These tapes can be received printed.
  4. Metal & color detection splicing tape – can help you to identify packs with splices.
  5. Finger lift tape – can be used for any product which needs a resealable (open & re-close) option.
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